APO Admission Information


The APO Testing and Application Cycle is open from August 15 to September 30 for already licensed practical nurses looking to apply to the Associates of Applied Science Degree program.

Applications can be made using the link below.

Please visit the admission testing webpage for details on testing

LPN APO Online Application

Advanced Placement Option – In order to apply to APO, students must have a curricular GPA of 2.5 or higher based on the specific prerequisite courses (ENG 111, PSY 230, SDV 101, BIO 141, BIO 142).  No exceptions.

Students interested in the Advanced Placement Option are encouraged to read the documents below.

Students are required to successfully take both the HESI A2 and LPN-RN Entrance Exams before applying.


Students needing test accommodations are encouraged to follow the directions, as outlined on our admission testing page.

Degree Requirements

For more degree requirements, students can review the Advanced Placement Option degree.