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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 from 5 – 7 p.m.
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NameBook Title(s)Book Description
ELLEN MURPHYThe Snow Goose and Other Tales; The Lost and The Found; The Survivors

The above are three volumes of civil war stories based on information from that period. Sold separately. I also have six books on early 1800’s England, and some other published books.

Kerry CrawfordWartime Sexual Violence: From Silence to Condemnation of a Weapon of War; The PhD Parenthood Trap: Caught Between Work and Family in Academia; Human Security: Theory and Action

From Silence to Condemnation of a Weapon of War
Kerry F. Crawford
Reports of sexual violence in armed conflict frequently appear in political discussions and news media, presenting a stark contrast to a long history of silence and nonrecognition. Conflict-related sexual violence has transitioned rapidly from a neglected human rights issue to an unambiguous security concern on the agendas of powerful states and the United Nations Security Council. Through interviews and primary-source evidence, Kerry F. Crawford investigates the reasons for this dramatic change and the implications of the securitization of sexual violence.

Views about wartime sexual violence began changing in the 1990s as a result of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and then accelerated in the 2000s. Three case studies—the United States’ response to sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1820 in 2008, and the development of the United Kingdom’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative—illustrate that use of the weapon of war frame does not represent pure co-optation by the security sector. Rather, well-placed advocates have used this frame to advance the antisexual violence agenda while simultaneously working to move beyond the frame’s constraints. This book is a groundbreaking account of the transformation of international efforts to end wartime sexual violence.

Caught Between Work and Family in Academia
Kerry F. Crawford and Leah C. Windsor
What it’s really like to be a parent in the world of higher education, and how academia can make this hard climb a little less steep

Academia has a big problem. For many parents—especially mothers—the idea of “work-life balance” is a work-life myth. Parents and caregivers work harder than ever to grow and thrive in their careers while juggling the additional responsibilities that accompany parenthood. Sudden disruptions and daily constraints such as breastfeeding, sick days that keep children home from school, and the sleep deprivation that plagues the early years of parenting threaten to derail careers. Some experience bias and harassment related to pregnancy or parental leave. The result is an academic Chutes and Ladders, where career advancement is nearly impossible for parents who lack access to formal or informal support systems.

In The PhD Parenthood Trap, Kerry F. Crawford and Leah C. Windsor reveal the realities of raising kids, on or off the tenure track, and suggest reforms to help support parents throughout their careers. Insights from their original survey data and poignant vignettes from scholars across disciplines make it clear that universities lack understanding, uniform policies, and flexibility for family formation, hurting the career development of parent-scholars. Each chapter includes recommendations for best practices and policy changes that will help make academia an exemplar of progressive family-leave policies. Topics covered include pregnancy, adoption, miscarriage and infant loss, postpartum depression, family leave, breastfeeding, daily parenting challenges, the tenure clock, and more. The book concludes with advice to new or soon-to-be parents to help them better navigate parenthood in academia.

The PhD Parenthood Trap provides scholars, academic mentors, and university administrators with empirical evidence and steps to break down personal and structural barriers between parenthood and scholarly careers.

Human Security
Theory and Action, Second Edition
Human security refers in its broadest sense to the protection of individuals from harm. Human Security: Theory and Action explores the theory and application of concepts central to this notion of security. It examines the conceptual roots of human security, connecting its origins to its applications and challenges in war and peacetime. With a unique focus on the evolving notion of responsibility for security, the text introduces the critical questions and priorities that underpin policies and actions.

The text is organized around four sections. The introduction offers an overview of human security and its basic tenets and historical foundations. The second section focuses on human security in armed conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, discussing such issues as the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect, racial inequality, peacekeeping and peace negotiation processes, and humanitarian assistance. The third section identifies the long-term issues that are necessary for a durable human security, including human rights, food security, poverty, gender equality, health security, and environmental sustainability. The final section applies the concepts introduced in the book to twenty-first century concerns and offers insights on turning theory into action.

Integrated into the text are many case studies to broaden the student’s awareness beyond the conflicts and issues that dominate the media. By balancing theoretical explanations with concrete illustrative cases, both historical and contemporary, the text provides intellectually challenging and intrinsically interesting material and offers a unique, comprehensive introduction human security in war and peace.

The second edition of Human Security: Theory and Action examines the conceptual roots of human security, connecting its origins to its application in a time of conflict, inequality, environmental stress, and the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Rich Follett1) Human &c. 2) Silence, Inhabited 3) Responsorials 4)Photo-ku 5) Christmas in My Heart 6) Somewhere in the Stars 7) A Place in the Circle

Poetry and song lyrics

Martha (M.K.B.) GrahamCairnaerie, Fleuringala

Cairnaerie: In a sweeping historical fiction, Cairnaerie unfolds across the landscape of Civil War Virginia and the war’s aftermath—a time when gentility is paramount and some rules are not to be broken…..Geneva Snow commits the unpardonable Southern sin, forcing her father to hide her at Cairnaerie. After years alone, she engages an unwitting young history professor to help. But when the forces of malevolence and revenge converge, her secret is exposed. Only this time, there’s nowhere to hide.
Fleuringala: Abandoned by her no-count mother in a shack on the outskirts of Lauderville, Virginia, seven-year-old Ruby Glory is alone in the world, her sole companion her faithful dog, Arly. Then along comes Tack Pittman. But this teenage son of the prominent Pittman family learns quickly that no good deed goes unpunished. Will Tack’s kindness be the end for the mismatched friends—or just the beginning.

Lisa and Susie Currie and WilburnSadie and Kiko's Spring Adventure at Seven Bends State Park/Sadie and Kiko's Fall Adventures at Seven Bends State Park

Children’s environmental conservation and awareness books

Melissa DeDomenico-Payne"Releasing Me" and "Valley Voices"

Releasing Me:
Inspired by true events, the fictional novel Releasing Me is the story of Meredith Pearson’s journey to healing from childhood sexual abuse. The novel begins at the moment Meredith enters the sheriff’s department and meets the lead investigator.

I had a rush of thoughts. “Because my mother said she was going shopping for antiques. Because she’s not leaving him. Because my friend told me that my step-father was cheating on her and I want to give her one more chance to escape. Because the Commonwealth Attorneys’ office told me there was no statute of limitations for child abuse. Because I was told you would be the person to help me.” Somehow I began a response and the words flowed faster and faster as I described the years of pain that had led me to today’s visit.

From there, Meredith shares her decade-long process of working through memories, dreams, family dysfunction, and the traumas and joys of life until she eventually finds peace through spiritual insight. Releasing Me helps provide valuable insight into the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that many victims face during their healing process. Beyond that, Releasing Me is relevant to all people who wish to believe that the human spirit can prevail regardless of the circumstances laid out in this life.
Valley Voices:
“The Valley is enveloped in deep weaves of arbor
which rise to echoing cobalt peaks
before cascading and fading into the horizon.
The Shenandoah twists erratically through the interior,
glittering rapidly in the sun
and lingering murky in its shadows”…

“It is from this Valley my poems are birthed.
They speak with the voices deeply rooted in my soul.”

In Valley Voices, Melissa DeDomenico-Payne shares her collection of poetry which reflects eclectic and unique styles and forms, university award winners, and new public releases. A reader can expect speakers and themes which poignantly extend from verse to soul.

Steve MelesterWatermelon Seeds Stories, Thoughts and Ponderings of a Local Pastor

On a mission trip to Haiti in 2014, one of my many tasks was to distribute to local farmers some very special watermelon seeds. I was inspired and moved by the great desire and appreciation these subsistence Haitian farmers had for this meager allotment of seeds.
These seeds were life! These seeds were hope! These seeds would bring food to their families, stability to their personal economy, meaning and purpose to their toil! And you better believe that they had prepared their soil! They had plowed the way for the seed to take root and be fruitful.
How does the parable of the sower, seed and soil, from Matthew13, speak to us today?

God is the sower of all good seed but partners with us to help farm for the kingdom. I submit that the sowers of God’s word could include those who share the word of God with humility and gratitude! They give witness to God’s love and the truth of Jesus Christ with compassion, reason, confidence and courage! They scatter seeds of the Gospel and also help cultivate the soil that is our souls. They are not perfect but are genuine. They are those family members, friends, colleagues, strangers, ancestors, and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, who have had a serendipitous part to play in our spiritual formation.
Watermelon Seeds is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Cokesbury and other book outlets.
To find out more visit

Kristi StrongThe Land of Kaldalangra series (Lady of Steinbrekka, Heart of Kylassame, Soul of Asimina), Finding Keepers

The Land of Kaldalangra Series – A woman is kidnapped and taken to a realm of magic, conspiracy, and strangers with dark secrets. The three-book series takes readers on an adventure through destiny, courage, and the strength of community.

Finding Keepers – Starting a new life is never easy, but Alyssa Doe has turned it into an art form. Abandoned by her parents at age ten, six years in foster care has taught Alyssa how to get through life the hard way. Now sixteen and growing desperate, Alyssa finds herself puzzled by her newest keeper, twenty-five year old Jessica Sona. A feisty woman who won’t accept no for an answer, Jessica’s persistent stance on safety, family, and unconditional love are beginning to break down Alyssa’s walls and bring her hope, a dangerous emotion.

Can such a thing as family and love exist for a girl whose birth name is Doe, or will Alyssa be forever left finding keepers?

A.K. LangThe Gathering of the Three

A centuries-old oath goes unmade by the rulers of the three realms of Delaplane and magic begins to return to the land. After being wrongfully imprisoned by those in her village, a young woman escapes and flees her home. She discovers along the way that she is one of the few that can now wield magic. As the land erupts in turmoil and the three empires battle over land and power, Emery must decide what she believes, who she can trust, and where she stands in the battle for Delaplane.

Amazon link:

Author website:

Lauren RobertsGemini Divided


Everyone has secrets, but the skeletons in Jen’s closet are bigger than most.

By day, she writes fanfiction for her favorite TV show, Gemini Divided, but by night, she works as an assassin to pay her mother’s chemotherapy bills. Her world tilts on its axis the day she is assigned to kill Will Bryant-the handsome and charming star of Gemini Divided, and her celebrity crush. What could Will have done to land on someone’s hit list?

The assignment gets Jen up close and personal with Will, who is just as kind in person as he is in the media coverage she obsesses over. When she stumbles onto the reason Will ended up as her target, she must make a life-altering choice: kill Will and keep her mother alive, or save Will and put herself in danger, leaving no way to fund her mother’s treatments in the future. She has to decide quickly, because in two days, the choice will be made for her.

James BlakeyNo book yet, signing up for email list

No book yet, signing up for email list

Ann and Rob SimpsonWildflowers of Shenandoah National Park 2nd Ed., Nature Guide to Shenandoah National Park, Nature Guide to Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah Simply Beautiful, Born Wild in Shenandoah, Born Wild in Great Smokies, + more

Nature Guides, Wildflowers, Coffee table book, Children’s books

Emilee MooreA Friend for Princess Ada

Princess Ada is lonely and needs a friend. She decrees that the kingdom search far and wide to find her a perfect playmate. As the villagers bring creature after creature in to please her, none will do. A seal is too slippery, an elephant too big, and a sloth too lazy . . . However, at long last, the perfect companion is found, one that combines the best attributes each animal presented has to offer! Children will love to root for Princess Ada and her new pal, as they discover fun animals along the way.

Picture book, pet adoption, animal book, dog book.

Sara JonesThe Fellowship; Go Right; A Bowl of Pho; Late Check-Out

The Fellowship: A young woman’s experience leaving a spiritually abusive church
Go Right, A Bowl of Pho: Realistic fiction short stories
Late Check-Out (will be available on Kindle only for now): Cozy ghost stories

Jeremy RodgersGretchen, Hagar, Isaiah, The Namers, The Hereafter Of Susan Thomas

Gretchen, Hagar, and Isaiah are the books of the Alan Perth series, a magical realism set off novels dealing with gods, myths, and dreams.
The Namers is an illustrated set of 26 poems about creepy children.
The Hereafter of Susan Thomas is a stand alone novel exploring the afterlife and eternity.
More info and links to purchase available at except for Hereafter of Susan Thomas (addition pending).

Marie AndrewsSuburban Legends , Phoenix Forge Book 1: Prophet and Loss

Suburban Legends is an anthology of adult short horror stories set in a suburban neighborhood where the HOA rules with a devilish power.

Phoenix Forge is the first in a series of YA fantasy stories where a young girl finds out she is the subject of a prophecy that could bring about the end of all things. She must find out the source of her magick and her own inner power to save everything she loves.

Facebook author page

Dr. Eugene D. BetitWar's Cost: The Hites' Civil War and Collective Amnesia: American Apartheid, African Americans' 400 Years in North America, 1619-2019

Chronicles the role Isaac Hite’s grandsons played in the Civil War. Four, plus two great-grandsons died fighting for the Confederacy, on before his 15th birthday. See

Robin YoungFor Love and Liberty: the Untold Civil War Story of Major Sullivan Ballou and His Famous Love Letter

Centered around the love letter to his wife made famous in Ken Burn’s The Civil War, this book tells the story of Major Sullivan Ballou of Rhode Island. At the age of thirty-four, less than ten years after meeting the love of his life, Sarah Shumway, Ballou left his law practice and budding political career, his wife and two adored young sons, to take a commission as a major in the Union Army. He served for almost two months, but was struck down at the nearby First Battle of Manassas.
Undoubtedly the most moving Civil War tale since Cold Mountain, For Love and Liberty brings the war to life with startling detail, depicting not only the heroism of its soldiers, but also the courage of the families they left behind.

Linda JenkinsPotty Potty Boy Potty Potty Girl

Mommy, MommyI have that feelingI have to go! In this delightful childrens poem, author Linda Jenkins helps young readers learn the importance of using the potty like a big kid. Potty Potty Girl, Potty Potty Boy, appealing to both toddler boys and girls, shows excitement of using a big potty is exciting. Children will bask in the glory of their mothers pride as they achieve this big accomplishment. This is the perfect book to read as your child realizes its time to go. Potty Potty Girl, Potty Potty Boy will help them wait until the right moment!

Linda MurtadhaA to Z In English and Spanish A – Apples / las manzanas

This is an alphabet book with photographs for each letter. The words are in English and Spanish. It is an alphabetic collection of photographs for people of all ages.

Rebecca LillisThe Little White Horse That Wanted To Be Brown, Trinka The Timid Triceratops, Yonah Daughter of the Wind

Little White Horse is about my two miniature horses and how they got to be friends. Trinka is about a little dinosaur who gets bullied and learns how to stand up for herself. Yonah is about the dove who descended on Jesus at his baptism from the bird’s point of view.

Laura CascadaDellie's Run

When you’ve lived your entire life mired in muck and filth, dreams might be the only thing you can cling to. And inside her prison, lost in a sea of thousands of other girls, Delaware has one colossal dream that revolves around a simple white ball. Captivating her from the screen of the portable television owned by one of the prison workers, it is her only glimpse of the place she calls Outside. Her dream is baseball.

Dellie’s Run is an empowering story of one girl chasing the elusive home run in the name of freedom—not just for her, but for the thousands she left behind. Along the way, she comes face to face with who she really is and why, according to the laws of physics, she’s basically destined to strike out. As Dellie sets off to defy these odds along with the companionship and scientific ingenuity of a curious young boy named Austin, she might just change the game for her kind—and for all of us on the Outside.

I also would love to promote my upcoming anthology, The Dog Who Wooed at the World, and invite others to submit stories to the collection, as well as sell prints of animals featured in it:

I’m Laura Lee Cascada, a Virginia writer, activist, and mermaid. I’ve spent my life around animals, collecting profound lessons and using those to build a more humane world around me through writing and campaigning. But as a teen, I hid away in my room for months, paralyzed by social anxiety. In college, I met my soul dog, Powder, who mirrored me by trembling in the bathtub during every storm. But then something comical would happen: she’d “woo!” out loud, marking the end of the perceived danger, and carry on.

My upcoming book, The Dog Who Wooed at the World, is the first anthology from The Every Animal Project, compiled in the aftermath of an orange-sized cancer that stole Powder away. It’s both a reflection on how one dog’s inexplicable bravery helped me go from a whisper to a warrior, and my grappling with a world left devoid of that therapeutic “woo!” Readers will fall in love with this trembling pit-beagle, as her legacy emboldens them to follow in her pawprints and surmount their greatest fears. And you’ll encounter other extraordinary animals from around the world who have embodied immense courage.

You can submit your own story for inclusion in this empowering new collection today at

William GrayThe Man Behind the Door

The Man Behind the Door is a psychological thriller focusing on grief, trauma, and addiction with a ghost story spin.

Hina AnsariThe haunting of the antique brooch

This is an LGBTQ ghost story.

Til TurnerThe Hidden World

In the small, mysterious town of Nelson Gap, three ghost-hunting high school friends—Kevin, Lara, and Simon—are compelled to investigate a haunted, abandoned mine to find Kevin’s missing father. What they discover far below the town is an unknown civilization and a terrifying, demonic power fighting to enslave it. Will the three friends be able to rescue Kevin’s father and destroy the malevolent entity, or will all be lost for Kevin and the inhabitants of the hidden world?

John Berry1. Wobbly Man 2. Medicine 3. The Lawnmower Poems 4 and 5 The Broken Poem and Other Strange Ideas About God Vol.s 1 and 2

Beginning with Wobbly Man, these are collections of my poetry leading up to my current project, The Broken Poem and Other Strange Ideas About God. These poetry hybrids are dialogue-driven creation myths in which Beauty, God, Darkness, Silence, Light and Gravity create and relate with one another in “the beginning”.
While I’ve published more traditionally in the past, The Broken Poems are hand-published, meaning I personally design, layout, print, fold, bind and cut each book by hand. It’s a marvelous craft which I thoroughly enjoy and will be offering as a class at the Valley Makers’ space in Winchester, soon.

All books are available at

Bruce PetersWoodland Poetry and Photography, Yes, Deer

Woodland Poetry and Photography takes you back to nature, with humility and respect for nature and our woodland brethren.
Bruce Andrew Peters’ creative play on words are humble, fun, insightful and with reverence for nature. Nature is his muse. The images and poems reflect his woodland journeys.

Yes, Deer is over one hundred pages of deer playing, in social settings, groups and as fawns. A must for the deer lover in you or your life.

Morgan Scott PhenixA Life Worth Living – A Story Worth Telling; Elizabeth's Story; Remind Me and Others

Memoir, essays, and reflections on self-publication; Elizabeth’s Story, a fictionalized reflection of a young woman’s journey; a collection of essays and stories

Bruce PetersWoodland Poetry and Photography, Yes, Deer

Poetry with complimenting photography about nature, spoken with humility and a reverence for nature. Yes, Deer is a 100+ page book for deer in their social settings, from youth to magnificent bucks.

Cherie SmithThe Thirteen Year Old Sailor, An Act of Kindness, Little Bruce the Spruce Tree and All it Took Was a Brother's Love

An Act of Kindness – a story about two young boys, one giving something to the other boy. Little Bruce the Spruce Tree – a story about a family with one little boy who has trouble talking and his relationship with a Christmas tree. All it Took Was a Brother’s Love – the relationship between two young brothers. one brother has trouble communicating and experienced his first day of school, his reaction to it, and his younger brother trying to calm him down.

Tj O'ConnorThe Consultant; New Sins for Old Scores
New Sins for Old Scores is a cozy paranormal mystery/thriller with a historical subplot. Story follows a local Virginia detective trying to find out who tried to kill him and frame him for murder. He’s helped by the spirit of a WWII OSS Agent.
The Consultant is set in Winchester, VA and is the story of a terrorism consultant trying to solve his brothers murder beneath the Route 7 bridge. He stumbles upon a series of terror plots against the US and must race to stop them and catch his brother’s murderer.

Wayde ByardSpottswood Poles: An American and Baseball Legend

A Winchester native…
A baseball pioneer…
The man who should have been Jackie Robinson in 1922.
The story you don’t know.

Jason Queen"My Life Was Mercy Creek" and "The World Comes To Mercy Creek"

These are historical fiction novels set in the Shenandoah Valley during the Great Depression.

James ColeCrow, come home

A poetry collection of musically rhythmic and mystical folklore. James Cole’s Crow, come home comprises a collection of voices and forms that takes the reader to the edges of narrative and legend.

Eric BurstockThe Table Is Already Set, Confessions of a Greedy Giver, Does Love Grow at Christmas?

1) The Table is Already Set – A Love Story
2) Confessions of a Greedy Giver – Giving and Personal Finances
3) Does Love Grow At Christmas? A Christmas Story for Young Children

Sarah KohrsChameleon Sky (chapbook)

chapbook of poetry is not out until late November / early Dec – so better for next year

Gayle KrauseRatgirl: Song of the Viper, Twice Betrayed, Daddy, Can You See The Moon?, Once Upon a Twisted Tale

Ratgirl: Song of the Viper – YA dystopian retelling of the Pied Piper with global warming.
Twice Betrayed – MG historical fiction (Colonial Philadelphia)
Daddy, Can You See the Moon? – boy and soldier dad have a connection while his father is deployed
Once Upon a Twisted Tale – “fractured fairytale” poetry collection

Randina SheldonFace: a poetry and art collection

An original poetry and art collection

Overflowing with vulnerability and raw honesty, Face is a declaration of self worth and owning your space after breaking, rebuilding and rising again.

TW: This book contains some references of abuse and trauma

James DavisonI Am Lazarus; Bottom Feeder

I Am Lazarus – We sometimes wonder what God’s plan is for our short time on Earth. In this story, three people resurrected by the Son of God – Lazarus of Bethany, the daughter of Jarius, and the son of the widow from Nain – are stunned when the apostle Paul reveals that they are now immortal. Together, they travel across the centuries, collecting and preserving the words of Jesus Christ. But it soon becomes clear that they must also become warriors for Christ as they elude a persistent group of zealots who are determined to return them to the grave permanently.

Bottom Feeder – In the Bayou behind Martin Landry’s home lurks a hungry killer, a monster of extraterrestrial origins. When Martin’s son Oscar unwittingly encounters the mysterious bottom feeder and becomes its first human victim, what follows could mean the end of mankind unless – three veteran lawmen find a way to track and stop this alien menace.

Candace MeredithContemplation: Imagery, Sound & Form in Lyricism, Stolen, Lost Souls, Losing You, Girls Drive Jeeps, Winter Solstice, The Crone, The Lady of Brighton, A-Hoy Frankie! Your Riverboat Captain, Matilda Gets Adopted, Andre The Broken Tea Cup Goes to The Market, Who Farted?

I have:
Adult mystery/ suspense, drama, supernatural stories
Young Adult Fantasy and Poetry
Children’s books ages 3 to 11

Margaret MarangioneAcross the Blue Ridge Mountains

Across The Blue Ridge Mountains, is set in the early twentieth century in the small town of Elkton, Virginia during the social and political changes of industrialization, women’s equality, the Eugenics movement, and the removal of mountain families for the Shenandoah National Park.
Mary, the protagonist, makes a fateful decision to run off with a grifter to escape her abusive mother. The novel follows her exile from her family, abandonment in a West Virginia coal camp, and how she eventually flourishes with a family on Hightop Mountain in what is now Shenandoah National Park. Surrounded by nature, she heals from her traumas and discovers the power of female friendships.

Pam WebberThe Wiregrass (2015), Moon Water (2019), Life Dust (2022)

Author website:
Facebook: @authorpamwebber
Twitter: @pamwebber1
Instagram: @pbwebber1

Where angels and demons dance.
Five mischievous, pubescent cousins converging on the sleepy Southern Wiregrass town of Coffee Springs, Alabama for the summer, what could possibly go wrong? In short, everything. Laugh out loud as fourteen-year-old Nettie and the other cousins fight to hold onto the mischievousness of their youth, empathize with them as they struggle with the unrelenting changes of puberty and first love, fear for them as they uncover an unspeakable evil that stalking the beautiful place and people they love, and walk with them as they cross into adulthood. This haunting story uses the uniqueness of the Southern Wiregrass to support loveable and unlovable characters as they take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from laugh out loud funny to soul crushing sadness. Their story promises to stay with the reader for a lifetime.

Blending Virginia history and Native American lore.
Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains during the summer of 1969, Moon Water finds Nettie, 16, with her boyfriend wanting to breakup just as they are figuring out the sex thing. Nettie’s lifelong nemesis is jabbing her with perfectly polished nails, while her hellfire and brimstone preacher refuses to baptize her. Amid this turmoil, a Monacan Indian medicine woman gives her a cryptic message about a coming darkness, a blood moon whose veiled danger threatens Nettie and those she loves. To prepare for the darkness, Nettie and her best friend, Win, make a treacherous journey into the mountains to build a mysterious dreamcatcher of ancient elements.

LIFE DUST (2022)
An extraordinary tale of second chances.
Nettie and Andy have been soul mates since childhood. While planning their wedding, Andy must deploy to South Vietnam for a year. To deal with the loss, Nettie dives into her work as a nursing intern in a busy emergency room and inadvertently walks in on a nursing supervisor and surgeon during their late-night tryst. The couple begin a campaign to discredit Nettie and sabotage her internship.
Meanwhile, Andy is leading a jungle reconnaissance squad when he receives orders to escort high-ranking female freedom fighter, Bien, to a clandestine meeting with an enemy officer who wants to defect. Bien believes the officer may be her long-lost brother who was conscripted as a child. However, Andy thinks his unit is walking into a trap that could cost him everything.
Struggling to survive in different worlds, Nettie and Andy navigate the best and worst of human nature as they try to find their way back to each other.

D. KraussThe Partholon Trilogy; The Ship Trilogy; The Frank Vaughn Trilogy

Partholon Trilogy- after a devastating biological attack, a man and his son attempt to restore civilization.
Ship Trilogy- Otto Boteman wakes up in the Afterlife, discovers God is not there, and joins a group of misfits building a rocket to go look for him.
Frank Vaughn Trilogy- one family’s Odyssey across America, beginning in 1965 and ending in the 90s.

Bryan LieneschThe Woodsman; Country Roads

Jackson Clay is a recluse living off the grid in the Virginia mountains. His child: disappeared. His marriage: collateral damage. His only salvation: finding the lost.

When Sara Beth Parker, a quiet, girl-next-door teenager, disappears in the middle of the night, Detective Angela Cole is assigned the case. A black woman in a department of white men, she’s gotten to where she has by working harder and being better than her peers.

But as leads begin to dry up, Detective Cole feels herself becoming desperate. And when a colleague introduces her to Jackson, she will break her own rules and place her and her case’s hopes in his hands.

Determined to breathe life into a case that has quickly gone cold, Jackson begins to unravel a tangled web of secrets and lies that quickly put him in the crosshairs of a sociopathic killer and his heavily armed cult. With the help of a charismatic boor named Bear, Jackson learns that the cult may be responsible for a sinister plot much larger than just Sara Beth. Outmanned and outgunned, Jackson and Bear will take the fight to the group, prepared to sacrifice everything, including themselves.

Set several months after the breakout novel THE WOODSMAN, Jackson Clay and Bear Beauchamp return in an all-new adventure!

It was supposed to be a quiet night for Bobbie Casto and his friends in their small town of Rion, West Virginia. But when two Sheriff’s Deputies with ulterior motives harass Bobbie and his friends, things quickly spiral out of control. A gun is drawn. Shots are fired. And when the smoke settles, Bobbie Casto finds himself on the run, wanted for the attempted murder of a police officer.

So when Bear Beauchamp finds his business partner, Raymond Byrd, abetting the young man, he calls the one person he knows will help:

Jackson Clay.

Together, Jackson, Bear, Ray, and Bobbie try to piece together what really happened that night, but their search for the truth will put them in even more peril. Prying eyes aren’t welcome in this part of the Mountain State, and devils prowl this “Almost Heaven.” When they uncover an organized crime racket that stretches to the highest levels of state government, the group quickly goes from hunters to hunted.

But unexpected enemies can lead to unexpected allies.

Now, banded together with a pair of likeable, tough-as-nails doomsday preppers living off the grid, Jackson, Bear, Ray, and Bobbie are in a race against time to prove his innocence and bring the guilty parties to justice–before they’re silenced for good.

Pray the road they’re on isn’t a dead end.

Alicia Cahalane LewisThe Intrepid Meditator, Room Service Please

In THE INTREPID MEDITATOR, poet, novelist, essayist, and Reiki Master, Alicia Cahalane Lewis, shares her spiritual journey by unpacking what it means to live in balance. To Alicia, Earth is advanced energy and a matrix of potential. We can either choose to fight or cooperate with the planet’s polarity. By incorporating her techniques for attaining harmony, Alicia offers experience, compassion, and heartfelt strategies to help readers find grace while navigating the deep highs and lows of grief and fear.
By acknowledging the difficulty of finding balance on a planet that continually shifts, Alicia takes her message one step further by offering guided, annotated meditations to help advance greater self-awareness and Reiki-inspired healing. The meditations are free and available on her website @
In ROOM SERVICE PLEASE, Edie May, a budding dance protégé, has lost her virginity on the night of her sixteenth birthday, June 17, 1922, in New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Unprepared for this turn of events, Edie is nonetheless determined to confront the man who seduced her and demand he make things right. However, Edie has been mistaken for Agnes Ayers, the famous Hollywood motion picture actress.
As much as she tries to convince everyone that she is not the rising starlet, Edie is whisked into a role she is not prepared to play. Using her wits and her ingenuity, Edie transforms herself from the daughter of a washerwoman living on the Lower East Side into a shining star of her own making, a true Modern, and one of the first flappers of her era.
Find more @

Coe SherrardThe Other Side Of Good

When reputed criminal, Theo Jackson, proposes a donation to the city for a new youth center, the mayor sends police officer, Denton Jones to negotiate the terms. Theo and Denton were once friends before taking different career paths. Denton’s efforts inexplicably make him a target for a corrupt city official, but a dishonest bureaucrat is the least of the city’s problems. Theo uncovers evidence of an international criminal organization facilitating human trafficking in the city. Repulsed by the crime, Theo enlists an unlikely coalition of clergy, law enforcement, and criminals to try to stop it. In the process, readers are dragged into the uncomfortable gray areas of life where the wrong thing sometimes seems a better choice than the right thing; where a little bad turns into almost good; and where dark white and light black become the same color.

Cara AchterbergBlind Turn, Girls' Weekend, Another Good Dog: One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs, One Hundred Dogs and Counting: One Woman, Ten Thousand Miles, and a Journey Into the Heart of Shelters and Rescues

Blind Turn and Girls’ Weekend are both novels (womens fiction)
Another Good Dog is a memoir about fostering rescue dogs
One Hundred Dogs and Counting is a memoir about fostering and my trips to shelters in the south

Wayne David HubbardDeath Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe, Mobius: Meditations on Home

In his debut poetry collection, Death Throes of the Broken Clockwork Universe, Wayne David Hubbard illustrates journeys through physical space and abstract worlds of emotion.
Combining choreological precision with playfulness, readers enter the mind’s eye of a poet standing along the shoreline of powerful forces that shape all lives: time, place, and love.

Written over a ten-year period, the collection calls to mind the poetry of Lorine Niedecker, Rae Armantrout, Larry Eigner, and Carl Phillips. Importantly, these poems resist thick, impenetrable themes, instead celebrating ordinal wonders of life that are hidden in open view.

This spare book offers strong, memorable imagery and questions that will delight thoughtful readers.

“How do you know when you are home?” Author Wayne David Hubbard began to explore this question with paper and pen one summer evening. What unfolded was Mobius – a book of lyric prose that explores the timeless subject of home.

Each page is a meditation on love, memory, place, time, nostalgia, loss, travel, and other elements which people commonly reference whenever they speak of home.

Mobius is written in a minimal style to invite the reader to ponder their own meaning. You may discover what the author did. Answering simple questions about one’s definition of home is well worth the quest.

Elizabeth CottrellHEARTSPOKEN: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire

In the hands of this author, the handwritten note is set free from old-fashioned irrelevance to become a superpower tool for connecting with others and nourishing the important relationships in your life, both personal and professional. The book will guide you to uncover your own unique note-writing voice and give you the confidence to use it. For details, sample pages, testimonials, and ordering information:

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