Practical Nursing

The practical nursing certificate is designed to prepare beginning practitioners with the knowledge and skill to care for patients of all age groups and to qualify as contributing members of the health care team. Students who successfully complete the curriculum are awarded a certification in practical nursing and are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) leading to a license as a practical nurse. The Practical Nursing program is approved by the VCCS and the Virginia Board of Nursing.

1 Year (3 Full-Time Semesters)

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Admissions Requirements

Students must apply for admission to health professions programs (practical nursing, nursing, surgical technology, dental hygiene, medical laboratory technology, phlebotomy, emergency medical services, advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT) emergency medical technician – intermediate, paramedic and central services) in addition to applying for admission to the College. Admission requirements and application materials are available through the Health Professions Division.

Mission Statement

The administration of Laurel Ridge Community College and the nursing faculty of the PN program believe that nursing education is a continuous process of learning throughout the lifespan. The nursing profession is an art and science which promotes health, wellness, and prevention of illness in individuals, families, groups, and communities. Nursing is a holistic profession encompassing the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the client. The Laurel Ridge nursing faculty believes:

  • Qualified individuals should be given the opportunity to pursue a degree in nursing.
  • Access to a high-quality, affordable education that prepares students for entry-level positions in the workforce and provides a foundation for transfer to an ADN transition program or a four-year baccalaureate institution.
  • Cultural diversity and competence to meet the changing needs of healthcare are necessities.
  • Partnerships and proactive relationships within the community to meet the changing needs of students and healthcare while contributing to the local economic, civic and cultural aspects of the community and the commonwealth, as well as a national and international perspective, are needed.

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Tuition and Funding Options

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An estimated $15.2 million dollars in grants, loans, work-study and scholarships are awarded to Laurel Ridge Community College students each year. We are committed to using all available funds to help you gain access to a college education.

Payment plans are offered to break down tuition payments.

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Curriculum and Credits


Program Details

View specific program details through the academic catalog.

Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes are statements of expectations written in measurable terms that express a student’s knowledge base, skill ability, and critical thinking at the completion of the program. Learning outcomes are measurable learner-oriented abilities that are consistent with standards of professional practice.

The graduate learning outcomes are: 

  1. Provide safe, quality, evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care in a variety of healthcare settings to diverse patient populations across the lifespan.
  2. Engage in critical thinking to make patient-centered care decisions.
  3. Participate in quality improvement processes to improve patient care.
  4. Participate in collaboration and teamwork with members of the interdisciplinary team, the patient, and the patient’s support persons.
  5. Use information management principles, techniques, and systems, and patient care technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support the decision-making process.
  6. Assimilate management, legal, and ethical guidelines in practice as a professional nurse.
  7. Promote a culture of caring to provide holistic, compassionate patient care

HESI Admission Testing

Students are required to take the HESI A2 admission test before applying.

Apply to the Practical Nursing Program

Complete the Application below and include the completed Computer Competency Form.

This program is available only at the Middletown Campus and additional steps are required after the application is submitted. 

All students enrolled in the Practical Nursing programs must have health insurance by the start of the Fall semester and maintain it throughout their enrollment in the program. It is recommended that students obtain health insurance prior to being accepted into the program as Open Enrollment dates do not correlate with admission dates. Failure to have health insurance by the start of the program will require the student to be unenrolled from the program.


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The Virginia Board of Nursing Approval

The Certificate in Practical Nursing Program is approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Richmond, Virginia 23233
Phone: (804)367-4515

The Practical Nursing Program is not certified by a national accreditation body.

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