AAS Admission Information

HESI Testing for admissions runs from October through March. 

Visit the Admission Testing page for more information.

Students must have completed and passed the HESI A2 exam with Laurel Ridge Community College before applying. 

Application Cycle Documents

Students interested in the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing are encouraged to read the documents below. Students are required to fill out the computer competency, checklist. demographics page, and include all with their application.

Students are required to take the HESI A2 admission test before applying.

How to Download the HESI A2 score report with the Critical Thinking Scores:

  1. Log on to evolve.elsevier.com 
  2. Click on Student Access
  3. Click on Admission Assessment Report under Exam History (this is for the bar graph page of the HESI—Save this document as PDF.
  4. Go back to My Exams
  5. Click on the plus sign (+) next to Admissions Assessment Report
  6. Critical Thinking will appear in the drop-down list. Click on the link “View Results”
  7. Click on “Results Report” under View Your Detailed Scoring Report on the right
  8. Save this document as PDF


Students needing test accommodations are encouraged to read and follow the directions in the document attached below.