Unlocking Success: Inside the TRIO Student Support Program at Laurel Ridge

Trio student holding up shirt

TRIO Director Vivi Meder appeared on The River 95.3’s radio show to discuss the TRIO program at Laurel Ridge Community College. Vivi explained how students qualify to be part of TRIO and the support they receive from the program. 

TRIO provides support for first-generation students, (students whose guardian(s) do not have a bachelor’s degree) low-income students, (students who meet the federal low-income guidelines), and students with disabilities (students who have a documented disability). The program supplies individual academic advising, tutoring, transfer assistance, financial aid guidance, financial literacy education, cost-free printing, and other resources that support the student’s academic journey.  

Students in the TRIO program form a close-knit community. Vivi went on to share some TRIO student success stories.  

Learn more about TRIO at laurelridge.edu/trio or apply to the program.

Listen to this podcast:

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