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Nadia Matthews

Nadia Matthews

Nadia learned about Laurel Ridge while in high school when a cousin chose the school because of its affordability. As Nadia’s time to go to college approached, she decided to check out Laurel Ridge. She’s glad she did.

“So far, it’s been great. Everyone’s just so nice. Every time I walk through the front doors, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is like my second family.’ It’s just awesome. I love being here.”

Nadia is in her second semester at Laurel Ridge. She’s exploring new subjects, like sociology. And she’s learning about herself while developing skills that will help her chart her future.

“The teachers and professors care about you. The atmosphere is everything you were hoping for. It’s everything you hope for whenever you hear the name, Laurel Ridge.”

Nadia says she felt that she belonged as soon as she arrived at Laurel Ridge. She’s found a community that is welcoming, accommodating, and inclusive.

“The next big thing for me is probably going into a four-year college and then working my way from there,” says Nadia. “If it weren’t for Laurel Ridge, I probably wouldn’t know about all the different opportunities I have in front of me.”

Laurel Ridge Community College was known as Lord Fairfax Community College until June 2022. For consistency purposes, the college will be referenced as Laurel Ridge going forward.