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Elaine Hackle

Elaine Hackle

As Elaine’s children grew, so did her focus on her future. Now that her kids are young adults, she’s crushing it at Laurel Ridge. She is currently in the certified clinical medical assistant program with a plan to graduate the same year her kids graduate high school, and on her path to becoming an RN or critical care medic.

“Laurel Ridge offers a lot of programs you might not be able to afford at other community colleges or universities. I picked Laurel Ridge because I had taken the phlebotomy program in the fall, and it was such a success,” says Elaine. “I chose certified clinical medical assistant because you can work in a whole bunch of different fields, from the ER to the doctor’s office to pediatrics. It’s just unlimited.”

Elaine says that Laurel Ridge is a great place to discover a range of in-demand career options on an accelerated schedule. Smaller classes, modern facilities, and expert instructors all contribute to making Laurel Ridge the right choice for students like Elaine.

“We have 14 to 16 students per class, which is manageable for one teacher or professor. And we’re all adult learners now. So you get your book knowledge, but then you get hands-on experience, and you get the socialization. We help one another. Laurel Ridge offers a better experience for adult learners.”

In addition to the classes, Elaine enjoys the opportunity to do clinical work in Fairfax.

“I get to give back to my community,” says Elaine. “Laurel Ridge gives you the opportunity to help in areas facing staffing shortages. And it gives you that opportunity to branch out to different things. Networking is really important, and Laurel Ridge gives you that opportunity, and is a building block for the community. I would definitely tell my kids to come to Laurel Ridge.”

Laurel Ridge Community College was known as Lord Fairfax Community College until June 2022. For consistency purposes, the college will be referenced as Laurel Ridge going forward.