Laurel Ridge Survivor

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You can now sign up for our Laurel Ridge Summer 2022 Survivor! Sign up here:

Our Summer Survivor program is split into two parts: Tribal team challenges in June and Individual challenges in July. Participants and tribes will earn points from completing challenges, winning challenges, and giving points to tribemates that contribute the most to the tribe! More details below…

This game is open to anyone! We have created gameplay to fit any ability.

Make sure you mark your calendars for our June 7 in-person Opening Ceremony and July 26 for our Closing Ceremony. Check the Leaderboard below for Survivor point updates by individual and tribe.

The challenge is on!

Game Play

Physical Challenges

  • Selected members from each tribe will compete in 5 in-person, physical challenges: June 7, June 14, July 12, July 19, and July 26
  • Winning tribes will win Survivor points for their tribe for that week
  • Physical challenges range from puzzles to obstacle courses and beyond

Virtual Challenges

  • Off-campus challenges to connect you and your tribe with our community and others
  • Complete challenges worth varying Survivor points for your tribe within a two-week span of time
  • Chance at Immunity Statue clues

Weekly Tribal Councils

  • Re-cap your tribe’s efforts each week at these virtual Tribal Councils
  • Assign Survivor points to each tribe member


  • Top player will walk away $300 in Visa gift cards.
  • All players will get lunch at our Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony!

Laurel Ridge Survivor Leaderboard

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