New Student Next Steps

Step 1. Direct Enrollment Survey

Please use this link to complete a quick survey. You will need your Laurel Ridge username and password, which you received at the end of your application, to log in. 

Your response will help us establish your math and English placement and ensure that you are selecting appropriate classes. Before enrolling, you will have an opportunity to review your placement and class selection with an academic advisor or coach. Once you have completed the survey, please continue to the steps below.

If you have completed high school within the past six years, there will be questions about your high school GPA and courses. Please have this information on hand to reference if possible.

For assistance with login information, please call 540-868-7110.

Step 2. New Student Orientation

New students at Laurel Ridge attend New Student Orientation.  Orientation provides essential information to support a successful start to your college experience. 

Topics include:

  • College Lingo
  • Program Pathways
  • MyLaurelRidge portal
  • Student Resources, Financial Aid & Student Life

Please access the Laurel Lead-in Orientation portal below to get started:

Step 3. Meet with your Academic Advisor

For students enrolling in classes for the current term/upcoming term, Enrollment Services will match you with your advisor at the end of the Laurel Lead In Orientation module. Please keep an eye on your personal email for instructions on how to schedule your academic advising appointment.

For students enrolling in future terms (more than 1 term out), our Enrollment Services team will contact you to provide instructions for scheduling an academic advising appointment closer to the date when new students are eligible to register– (Oct for Spring Term, March for Summer and Fall terms)

Step 4. Explore Student Resources