Chapter 33 TOE

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Benefit Information

How to Apply / Use Benefits

    1. Initial VA benefit application or update your school on file in the VA system.
    2. Submit a copy of Certificate of Eligibility to Laurel Ridge Veteran Services
    3. Submit Laurel Ridge VA certification request form
    4. Send official college transcripts
    5. Make an appointment with
      • Military Benefits Official, Sharon Painter
      • Veteran Academic Advisor, Jeanmarie Corrado
    6. Enroll in courses required for VA approved degree/certificate
    7. Pay balance not covered by Post 9/11
    8. Attend and complete the course(s)
    9. Student must verify enrollment with VA by phone or online each month

BAH/ Monthly Housing Allowance

  • To receive full housing allowance every day of semester, enroll as a full-time student and 1 in person course.
    • Full time = 12+ credit hours (based on 14 week session)
    • Summer = 7-8 credit hours
    • All online courses = lower housing allowance
    • Verify your enrollment with Laurel Ridge Veteran Services
  • Housing allowance is based on campus zip code for in person class(es)
  • Determined by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, housing allowance is calculated using rate of pursuit and location of equal or majority of in person courses.  Student must have greater than 50% rate of pursuit to receive any BAH.  For more clarification, contact VA education hotline 1-888-442-4551
  • Students can receive full housing allowance if they choose to enroll in sessions other than 14 week.  Please contact Military Benefits Official for more details.
  • 100% eligible recipients receive 100% of calculated housing allowance
  • Housing allowance is deposited 1st day of month into student’s personal bank account for prior month’s attendance days

For more information, visit  GI Bill® Comparison Tool

Financial Information

  • In-state tuition and fees will be paid by VA directly to Laurel Ridge approximately 3 weeks after drop period.
  • If a student has submitted proof of benefits and the Laurel Ridge VA certification request form, Laurel Ridge will wait and not penalize student for 90 days if VA payment is late
  • Less than 100% eligibility recipients are responsible for balance
  • Reductions in enrollment may cause a tuition debt to student
  • Students using military education benefits can also use financial aid (FAFSA)


  • Book stipend is paid to student approx. 10 days prior to session.
  • Book stipend is $41.67 credit/hour for maximum of $1000/academic year
  • Some Laurel Ridge courses have software charges applied to student financial accounts. These course charges are not covered by Dept. of Veteran Affairs education benefits.


Please verify all benefit information:

Laurel Ridge Veterans Services