Chapter 33 TOE

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Benefit Information

How to Apply / Use Benefits

    1. Initial VA benefit application or update your school on file in the VA system:
    1. Submit to Laurel Ridge Veteran Services one of the two documents:
      • Certificate of Eligibility, or
      • Ebenefits screen shot showing full benefit information
    2. Submit Laurel Ridge VA certification request form
    3. Send official college transcripts
    4. Make an appointment with
      • Veteran Academic Advisor, Jeanmarie Corrado
      • Military Benefits Official, Sharon Painter
    1. Enroll in courses required for VA approved degree/certificate
    2. Pay balance not covered by Post 9/11
    3. Attend and complete the course(s)

    9. Student must verify enrollment with VA by phone or online each month


  • To receive full BAH every day of semester, enroll as a full-time student and 1 in person course.
    • Full time = 12+ credit hours (based on 14 week session)
    • Summer = 7-8 credit hours
    • All online courses = lower BAH
    • Verify your enrollment with Laurel Ridge Veteran Services
  • BAH rate is based on campus zip code for in person class(es)
  • BAH rate is determined by rate of pursuit and location of equal or majority of in person courses.  Student must have greater than 50% rate of pursuit to receive any BAH.  For more clarification, contact VA education hotline 1-888-442-4551
  • 100% eligible recipients receive 100% of calculated BAH
  • BAH is deposited 1st day of month into student’s personal bank account for prior month’s attendance days

For more information, visit  GI Bill® Comparison Tool

Financial Information

  • In-state tuition and fees will be paid by VA directly to Laurel Ridge approximately 3 weeks after drop period.
  • If a student has submitted proof of benefits and the Laurel Ridge VA certification request form, Laurel Ridge will wait and not penalize student for 90 days if VA payment is late
  • Less than 100% eligibility recipients are responsible for balance
  • Reductions in enrollment may cause a tuition debt to student
  • Students using military education benefits can also use financial aid (FAFSA)


  • Book stipend is paid to student approx. 10 days prior to session.
  • Book stipend is $41.67 credit/hour for maximum of $1000/academic year


Please verify all benefit information:

Laurel Ridge Veterans Services