Chapter 31 VR&E

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Benefit Information

How to Apply / Use Benefits

  1. How to apply for VR&E
  2. Submit to Laurel Ridge Veteran Services one of the two documents:
    • Certificate of Eligibility, or
    • Ebenefits screen shot showing full benefit information
  3. Provide VR&E counselor contact information to Sharon Painter, Military Benefits Official
  4. Submit Laurel Ridge VA certification request form
  5. Send official transcripts
  6. Make an appointment with
    • Veteran Academic Advisor, Jeanmarie Corrado
    • Military Benefits Official, Sharon Painter
  7. Enroll in courses authorized by VR&E
  8. Attend and complete the course(s)

Eligibility and Entitlement

Financial Information

  • Laurel Ridge will invoice VR&E for all authorized tuition and fees.
  • Students using military education benefits can also use financial aid (FAFSA)


  • Follett Bookstore is independent of Laurel Ridge. VR&E authorized book and supplies allowance is submitted directly to Follett Bookstore.
  • Some Laurel Ridge courses require software access that is automatically charged to a student account. These software charges should be covered by VR&E authorization.


Please verify all benefit information:

Laurel Ridge Veterans Services