Refund Information

The Refund Policy can be viewed in the college catalog.

Tuition Refund Eligibility

eTuition Refund Eligibility

Tuition Refund for Classes Dropped Before Deadline

To qualify for a refund, classes must be dropped by the specified dates (see the Academic Calendar). Note: Refund deadlines vary for special session classes.

When Refunds Occur:

Students that drop classes after making a payment will receive a refund approximately two to three weeks after the drop for a refund deadline. No refunds are issued on an individual basis prior to this date.

Refund Methods:

  • Tuition payments made by mail, drop box, or in person at the Business Office will receive refund checks.
  • Tuition payments made online through QuickPay will automatically be credited back to the credit card.

Refund checks are automatically generated by the SIS (Student Information System) and are dependent upon the up-to-date student mailing address. Students should check the student mailing address in the student’s campus personal information to ensure the address is correct.

Tuition Appeal for Exceptional Cases

Under exceptional circumstances Laurel Ridge Community College can grant tuition refund/debt removals for students who withdraw after the final drop date. Refund/debt removals are guided by Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Policy Exceptional Cases Caused by VCCS or College. These have been defined as the following:

  • Administrative error – request should explain the circumstances of the error, including dates, names of employees, and publications, if applicable. Requests must be submitted within 90 days of the date the error was first discovered or made known. Disagreements with faculty, teaching methods or style, treatment or grading procedures are not considered administrative errors and must be resolved by contacting the division dean or through the College’s student complaint/grievance procedures.
  • Extreme financial hardship – an event that created a financial hardship for the student such that the student’s enrollment could not continue and involving sudden and unforeseen loss such as foreclosure, job termination, or catastrophic event such as fire.
  • Major medical emergency of extraordinary circumstances – an extended illness or major medical issue occurring during the semester you are registered, which requires hospitalization, is life-threatening, or is contagious and a danger to the remainder of the College community. You must have been absent more than 10 percent of the session length. A written verification on letterhead by the attending physician is required and must include the initial date of the problem, a statement that you are required not to attend class, and the duration of the problem OR a psychiatric/psychological emergency or severe, extended illness occurring during the semester you are registered which requires hospitalization or that prevents you from attending classes. A written verification on letterhead by the attending mental health therapist is required and must include the initial date of the problem, a statement that you are not required to attend class, and the duration of the problem OR Death of the student or a member of the student’s immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, partner or child). A copy of the death certificate or obituary should accompany the request.
  • National emergency or mobilization declared by the president of the United States – Military students being called to active duty should refer to the Tuition Refunds – Military Students Policy found on the college website.

The following circumstances do not qualify for a refund:

  • If a student has received a financial aid refund during the term in which the refund or forgiveness of debt is requested
  • Student’s failure to drop a class by assuming it would be dropped for him/her by the College due to nonpayment or nonattendance.
  • Misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about College policies and procedures.
  • Dissatisfaction with the course content or instructor and/or his/her academic progress in a class.
  • Inadequate investigation of course requirements, including prerequisites.
  • Change in personal work schedule/hours, geographic location, or available transportation.
  • Bookstore charges

Requests outside of this deadline will NOT be accepted.

Tuition Appeal Procedures

Refund appeals will not be considered unless the student has officially withdrawn from the class (es). All tuition refund requests must be in writing and submitted with written supporting documentation to the Admissions and Records Office. Notification of approval/denial of appeals will occur by mail within 45 days of the request. A review panel comprised of at least one representative each from instruction, student success and financial services is responsible for determining if a tuition refund/debt removal is justified. Tuition refund requests must be initiated no later than the end of the subsequent academic semester in which the refund request is requested.

Financial Aid Recipients

Students who are receiving financial aid will be required to meet with their financial aid office prior to withdrawal to determine what, if any effect this action may have on future financial aid eligibility. Any aid used toward the payment of tuition and fees will be removed, as the student is no longer eligible to receive aid funds. Students who withdraw from all classes are subject to a Return of Title IV Funds calculation in accordance with federal regulations. For more information, please review the Refund and Repayment policy.


Student will be sent a letter indicating whether his/her request has been approved or denied. Official communication will be sent only by U.S. mail or to his/her MyLaurelRidge email address. All committee decisions are final.

Appeal Form


Financial Aid Disbursements

Financial aid disbursements and tuition refunds are disbursed electronically via the option you select when you register at Nelnet Campus Commerce.

Refund Schedule

Direct Deposit (ACH) – Funds are usually available within 4-5 business days after you see the refund processed/posted on your SIS account.*

*Certain state grants and tuition refunds may take an additional 3-5 business days. A business day is considered to be Monday through Friday.

Bank Account Change

If you change or close your bank account and you have previously selected direct deposit (ACH) as your refund disbursement preference, you need to log into Nelnet via your SIS account and update the information. Nelnet will contact you about any undelivered direct deposit (ACH) payments.

Verify or Update Account Information

  1. Log into MyLaurelRidge>>SIS >> Student Center
  2. Click Manage Refunds(may need to allow pop-ups for page to open)

Click Manage Refunds


3. Click Manage Refunds to check or update your refund preferences.

Click Manage Refunds