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Purchasing Management

March 15, 2024 - December 31, 2025

Language: English

Short Description: The Purchasing Management online program is for anyone working in or interested in working in purchasing, supply chain management, or procurement. The Certificate in Purchasing Management will introduce you to the essentials of the supply chain process, management, purchasing, and contracting issues. This program is made up of five modules covering all of the necessary skills required for Purchasing Management. In this course the student will learn the fundamentals of the purchasing function in the context of efficiency and organization. Topics such as the administrative aspects of purchasing, purchasing methodologies, and optimization strategies are explored. In this module students are introduced to the various aspects of the supply chain environment including enterprise resource planning systems and requirement systems. The interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply, and the role of technology are also explored in this course so that a student understands the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution from raw materials to finished products. In this module you are introduced to the fundamentals of the budgeting process including understanding not only how to prepare a budget but how to manage a budget within the context of a hierarchical organizational structure. You will be exposed to the various components of a budget and how they work together as well as how to prepare, organize, and structure your budget using basic financial statements. Persuasive communication is essential not only for selling the products or services of the business but for obtaining financing and running daily operations. This module will provide students with the opportunity to gain confidence and improve their communication skills. Even the most skilled communicators can always learn additional techniques for success. In this module students will be introduced to principles that guide how suppliers are selected to provide goods and services through the various phases of the procurement process. This is an excellent course to gain an understanding of RFPs, responses, and contract bid work.

Instructor Description: Though this program is a self-paced program it is supported by an educational mentor. Educational mentors are subject matter experts who have years of experience in their field as well as the necessary educational training and credentials to work as an expert. The mentor is available to answer any questions a learner may have including questions on course content, course material, certifications, and even industry questions. Mentors also monitor the progress of learners to ensure training retention and program advancement. In eLearning, motivation is a key tool to success. Because of this, mentors provide encouraging comments, feedback, and coaching to motivate learners throughout the duration of the program to support completion and success!

Certification: CPP candidacy is open to all persons in purchasing, materials management or in an executive position who are members of the American Purchasing Society or who work for a company that holds a valid membership in the Society. All members who qualify are encouraged to apply for certification although certification is not necessary to maintain a membership. CPP candidacy is also open to nonmembers who are in purchasing, materials management or in an executive position; however, these individuals will not receive any price discounts offered only to members in good standing with the Society. A prerequisite for eligibility for CPP certification is a minimum of three years purchasing related experience OR a degree from a recognized college plus two years of purchasing related experience. Purchasing related experience refers to interaction with suppliers or managing those who have interaction with suppliers. All applicants are required to provide supplier contacts except for very high-level executives employed at Fortune 500 firms. CPP applicants are first evaluated on their ethical standards and maturity as demonstrated by their reputation, financial responsibility record, and their ability to communicate. Friends, coworkers, and suppliers are contacted and asked general questions about their relationship with the candidate. A number of positive responses must be acquired. Negative reference responses could disqualify an applicant from certification. Supplier references are required.All CPP applicants are required to take and complete the “Preparation for Certified Purchasing Professional Exam” 3 week online course, which includes the CPP examination. Finally, a review of their academic achievements, experience and contributions to the purchasing profession is made to award points in each of these categories. A minimum total of 100 points is required for the Certified Purchasing Professional classification.