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Integrating Social Media Into Your Organization

Monday, November 4 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, November 29 @ 12:00 AM

Take away a practical strategy and techniques for implementing social media for your organization or business. Learn how to create your own private social media using Ning, work socially using Google Docs and calendars, and move your website to an interactive Web 2.0 site. Then your instructor will help you choose which social media tools are right for your situation, and then integrate them into your web site to develop a social media strategy for your organization. Find out what you can be doing, what you should be doing, and take back a plan to integrate social media into your communication and marketing.


Unit 1. Running a Community and Creating Your Own Social Network Using Ning
Online Communities and Creating Your Own Social Network with Ning
Top 5 Considerations When Starting a Social Network
What Goes into Build a Great Social Network
What is an online community manager
What is Ning and How to Use the Platform
Examples of Companies Using Ning

Unit 2. What Tools to Use for Your Organization
What tools and platforms will help get content on the web
Readings on top new tools to consider
How to select which tool to use
How video fits into online marketing
Organizing and collaborating with Google products
How to take advantage of mobile and local in applications and search

Unit 3. Integrating Social Platforms into Your Web Site
Discovering how web design has changed and what is needed for true integration
Understanding elements on web sites that increase interaction, engagement, search engines findability
Learn best practices for website usability and landing page design
Discuss how your sites compare and generate next steps that will improve your business

Unit 4: Developing a Manageable Work Flow: Time, Resources, Policies, and Trends
Developing a Manageable Work Flow
Time and Resources: How do you know where to spend your time?
Target Social Media Influencers to Boost Traffic and Sales
Is Your Company Ready for Social Media or Are They Holding You Back?
Trends – What”s Next or Are We Still Working on Last Year”s Trends?
Social Media Policies and Planning For A Crisis

Internet connection ,IE8 or higher, Chrome, FireFox and access to Adobe Flash Player