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Designing Online Instruction

Monday, October 7 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, November 1 @ 12:00 AM

Learn about the online instructional environment, envisioning your online course, developing a web course, phases of design and development, design guidelines, and more. Discover the principles behind the adoption of technology innovation and the nature of the online learning environment. Then get tips for planning your online course, identifying resources and design guidelines. Discuss the phases of design and development and models, motivating student-student interaction, and managing interaction. Get the latest information on copyright issues, assessment and evaluation. Your instructor is co-author of the book “The Online Teaching Survival Guide”, which you will receive in the mail with this course.


Unit 1
Overview of the Online Instructional Environment
Internet basics
Principles behind the adoption of technology innovation
The nature of the online learning environment

Unit 2
Envisioning Your Online Course
Types of web courses
Preparing for the move to the Web
Analyzing your current course
Planning your web course
Identifying resources
Design guidelines

Unit 3
Developing a Web course
Team vs. Individual approach to development
Phases of design and development
Models of web courses

Unit 4
Online Interaction
Online collaboration
Creating an interactive environment
Motivating student-student interaction
Managing interaction

Unit 5
Issues in the Web Environment
Managing email
Facilitating discussions
Class size