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Accounting and Finance for Non Financial Managers

Tuesday, September 3 @ 12:00 AM - Friday, September 27 @ 12:00 AM

Every successful person in the workplace utilizes financial information to aid effective decision making. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers explains the financial concepts and accounting processes used in most businesses and will provide practical techniques that will increase your effectiveness and career. Get a foundation to understand the seven steps in the accounting cycle and use financial information in decision making. Come away with the knowledge to analyze resource allocation and evaluate financial performance.


Unit 1
Introduction to Finance
– The Vocabulary of Finance
– The Four Basic Elements of Finance
– The Basic Financial Statements

Unit 2
Introduction to Accounting
-Basic Terminology
-The Purpose of Accounting
-The Accounting Cycle
-Preparing Financial Statements

Unit 3
Managing Liabilities
-Overview of Liabilities
-The Liabilities of a Business
– Short-Term Liabilities
-Long-Term Liabilities

Unit 4
Financial Planning
– Overview of Financial Planning
-The Importance of Financial Planning
-The Business Planning Process