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For electronic processing, please complete the form and send it to [email protected] from your VCCS student e-mail address (Gmail account). If you are a new student and do not have access to your VCCS email address yet, please print the form, sign with a pen, and scan and e-mail it to [email protected].

Authorization to Release Information – This form is used when students want to release personal academic records to a third party.

Change of Course Status Form – This form is used when students want to change their status in a course from credit to audit or audit to credit. Appropriate signatures are required.

Enrollment Request Form – This form is used for students who are unable to self-enroll in a class. Appropriate signatures are required.

Program Plan Change Request– This form is used to declare or change a degree or certificate program. F1 students and students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits are required to be in an eligible curriculum. Appropriate signature is required.

Repeat Course Request – This form is for those students who are requesting enrollment in a class they have previously taken at least two times and were unsuccessful. This form requires approval from the Director of Advising prior to enrollment. Students should submit the completed form to Enrollment Services for approval and processing.

Senior Citizen Enrollment Request Form – This form is used for eligible students who meet the criteria for free tuition to take credit courses or to audit credit courses. To be eligible for free registration, students must meet the requirements under the Senior Citizens Higher Education Program.

Student Data Change eForm – This electronic form is used when students want to request a change in personal or demographic information such as a name change or adding a social security number. To submit the Student Data eForm, students will log into myLaurelRidge, select the SIS tile, followed by Student Records and eForms. Supporting documentation is required. This form is not used for updates to mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. The student can update these records by accessing the Student Services Center in myLaurelRidge.

VCCS Transcript Evaluation Request – This form is used to request an official evaluation of credit taken at another Virginia Community College.

Visiting Student Enrollment Request – This will be used for students who are non-degree seeking with Laurel Ridge and are either taking classes to fulfill requirements at another college at which they are currently enrolled, or teachers in local school divisions who need to complete coursework for recertification. In both instances, placement testing and prerequisites and transcript requirements are waived.