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Spring 2023: Launch your career as a Commercial Remote Pilot

Registration is Now Open! Classes begin January 17th.

Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UMS) are one of the fastest-growing industry sectors in today’s career market. Drones, and other autonomous vehicles, are used in an increasing number of industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, environmental sciences, commercial package delivery, industrial and residential inspection, delivery and transport, cinematography and photography, computer science and programming, emergency response and public safety.

Our introductory training will engage you in the areas of sUAS operations, general maintenance, and repair, and sUAS collection of and processing of aerial images, videos, and geospatial data. Delivered as a mix of theory and flying time, our introductory training currently consists of the following classes:

After completing the above courses, you can further your knowledge and skills through our advanced coursework. Offered as a blend of theory and hand-on experience, you’ll gain proficiency with mission planning, ground control operations, crew management, safety and emergency procedures, sensor selection, advanced maintenance, drone programming, flight data management, geospatial technology and systems, and the use of geospatial data for the purpose of analysis, presentation, and decision-making. Our advanced coursework includes:

Our students learn on the same technology used in industry and we have a variety of state-of-the-art multirotor and fix-wing aircraft for you to gain flight time. You will experience a fun and safety-first culture as you learn the skills needed in this new and high-tech industry.

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