Leadership Basecamp

Basecamp is the place where all expeditions start. Just as mountain climbers need a place to assemble basic supplies and tools for a successful journey, new leaders need a starting point to build the foundational skills that will not only help them succeed as frontline leaders, but will serve them throughout their career.

The pivot from an individual contributor to leading others is one of the most challenging skill and mindset shifts. Successful frontline supervision requires very specific soft skills, and training for these skills is in high demand in our region across all industry sectors – but especially in the manufacturing and construction industries. According to the 2020 Looking Ahead, Together report, 80% of local manufacturing and construction companies surveyed reported frontline leader/supervisor training as their #1 training need.

As a result, we are proud to offer a new program called Leadership Basecamp, a first-level training series for brand-new supervisors and leaders to assist them in their transition into leadership, and develop bedrock skills that will serve them throughout their career and life.

Leadership Basecamp serves as the foundational tier of Workforce Leadership programs, and an excellent starting point.

Learn more or register at https://laurelridgeworkforce.com/corporate-training/training-and-consulting-solutions/leadership-basecamp/.

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