Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) focuses on building machine learning models used for predicting, making decisions and enhancing human capabilities. Experiential learning through practical applications with data sets from numerous domains. The certificates provide the knowledge and skills used in a variety of fields using artificial intelligence, including the computer technology, health care, aerospace, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

Occupational Outcomes: Upon completion of the career studies certificate, students are employable as entry-level workers in a variety of fields using artificial intelligence and machine learning, including information technology, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Apply common artificial intelligence concepts and methodologies for analysis and decision making.

Apply artificial intelligence project development and machine learning life cycle to address social and business issues, opportunities, and problems.

Apply machine learning algorithms to predict usefulness of artificial intelligence programming solutions.

Use appropriate programming languages to implement artificial intelligence solutions.

Communicate in varied settings, orally and visually and in writing, in a professional manner.

Collaborate with diverse individuals and teams to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Evaluate issues of bias, culture, environment, ethics, regulations, and professional expectations in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Career Studies Certificate
1 Year (2 Full-Time Semesters)

Program Information and Curriculum


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Laurel Ridge subscribes to EMSI and provides this link for general career information. Emsi’s products and services use data, reports, and forecasts which are generated using government data sources and proprietary analytical processes.

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