Unlocking Potential: Laurel Ridge Adult Education Programs at NRADC

NRADC adult education program

A recent episode of The River 95.3’s radio show, The Valley Today, featured Sharon Hetland, director of Adult Education at Laurel Ridge, and guests from the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center (NRADC) – Adult Education instructor Kirk Jordan , Capt. Dan Cotrill, and inmates Ricky Arbogast and Carl Funk.

Sharon provided an overview of the Adult Education programs available at the NRADC, including GED, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Horticulture certification classes. Our conversation delved into the potential advantages of these programs for inmates upon their release. Dan shared how the participant vetting process worked, and Kirk shared what the classes entailed. Ricky and Carl, both enrolled in the programs, shared their experiences and their goals for the future, using the skillsets and certifications they’ve earned.

Learn more about the Laurel Ridge Adult Education Program at laurelridge.edu/adulted.