Empowering Futures: Transfer Student Success Story 

Graduates with school penants

Guy Curtis, Laurel Ridge Community College’s director of marketing, and Katherine Werner, the content and digital marketing specialist at the college recently appeared on The River’s 95.3’s radio show, The Valley Today. Katherine, a former transfer student, shared her journey, highlighting Laurel Ridge’s pivotal role in her academic and professional success. The conversation emphasized the college’s transfer program, catering to students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university, usually after first earning their associate degree at Laurel Ridge. 

Katherine adds value to the marketing team, aiding in effectively engaging potential students. Guy emphasized the Communications and Planning team’s goal of showcasing the college’s programs, with Katherine focusing on digital content and social media. They shut down misconceptions about community colleges, emphasizing Laurel Ridge provides  a cost-effective and quality education for students. They challenged the notion that a four-year institution is the sole post-high school path and highlighted vocational training as another option to explore.  

Guy highlighted the college’s fast-track programs, noting spring semester enrollment remains open through Jan. 16. The discussion acknowledged the evolving education landscape, with more adults opting for continuing education and career development. Guy pointed out Laurel Ridge’s outreach beyond the campus, offering online classes to students. 

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