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Make the most out of transferring dual enrollment classes and credentials.

Why do students take dual enrollment classes?

Learn why over 25,000 students enroll in dual enrollment courses each year through the Virginia Community College System.

What are the different dual enrollment opportunities and their benefits?

Dual enrollment opportunities vary at schools across Virginia. There are four primary options – individual courses, Passport, Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS), and associate degrees. Knowing what options are available at your school can help guide your choices.

Dual Enrollment and AP/Cambridge/IB courses – What is the best choice?

Schools in Virginia offer different types of courses through which you may earn college credits. Dual enrollment opportunities are based on partnerships between high schools and two-year colleges. The AP/Cambridge/IB options involve courses and examinations that are evaluated by colleges and universities for credits. Understanding your options and making informed decisions can maximize your academic potential.

What are some student practices that promote success?

Have a plan… Know why your choice matters… Balance your credit portfolio… And more. The key to success is making an informed decision and committing to it.

Did you know?

Learn more about terminology, policies, resources and programs related to dual enrollment that can benefit your academic work. The Dual Enrollment Student Guide will provide a wealth of information to you.

Developed in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Community College System, and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia