Title IX

Title IX addresses sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and sexual violence. Sexual violence includes attempted or completed rape or sexual assault, as well as sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, verbal or physical sexuality-based threats or abuse, and intimate partner violence. Title IX requires the creation of educational environments absent of all forms of sex discrimination.

Students may report incidents of any of the above where the victim or perpetrator is a student, employee, or volunteer of the college via the following methods. 

Resources for those experiencing relationship violence, sexual assault, or other abuse:

If you have an immediate emergency, such as: A suicide threat, homicidal or threatening behavior, self-injury needing immediate medical attention, severe impairment due to drugs or alcohol, highly erratic or unusual behavior that indicates very unpredictable behavior and/or an inability to care for themselves 

Dial 911 AND contact Campus Police: