Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup for Dual Enrollment Students

Beginning March 7, 2022 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required to log in to MyLaurelRidge/VCCS. At that time the Pictograph MFA method will automatically be enabled for Dual Enrollment Students.

What is multi-factor authentication?

MFA is another layer of online security that requires you to verify you are who you say you are. This additional security measure helps protect students’ and the college’s data.

Do I have to set up multi-factor authentication?

Yes. All students, regardless of the types of classes you take, are required to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access the MyLaurelRidge portal and the apps in the portal, such as Canvas, Gmail, SIS and Navigate.

What is the Pictograph MFA method?

For our Dual Enrollment Students, the VCCS has selected to automatically enable the Pictograph MFA method.  This is the only MFA method currently available to dual enrollment students.

This method presents a list of images upon login. To access your account, you will have to select your chosen image. To setup, it will require you to select and remember a specific image.

To successfully login going forward, after entering your username and password, you will need to select the image that was chosen during setup.

This below video from the VCCS, provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup and use the MFA Pictograph method when accessing your MyLaurelRidge/VCCS account.

I am a Dual Enrollment student. What if I have already selected other MFA options?

Other MFA options will still be active but will be secondary to Pictograph. This ensures the student will be able to access their account at the High School, and High school teachers will only have to support students with one method. If you do not want to use Pictograph, the option to use other methods will be available.

What if I need help logging in to MyLaurelRidge?

If you are unable to access your MyLaurelRidge account, please contact your High School Career Coach and they can assist you.