Threat Assessment Team

Threat Assessment Management Team 

The Threat Assessment Management Team is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment through proactive identification and objective assessment of potential threats, as well as providing rapid response and management of situations that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community.

Operating Protocols

The Threat Assessment Management Team (TAM) meets throughout the academic year and in the summer months as needed.

  1. Faculty, staff, students or community members are encouraged to report threatening situations through the colleges “See Something Say Something” website.
  2. Once a report has been filed, all TAM members receive this report via email alerting them to the concern.
  3. If the report requires immediate action, one of the team chairs will call an emergency meeting to discuss this report. The emergency meeting may also include other individuals who would be helpful in evaluating risk.
  4. Once the report has been discussed, an action plan will be developed and executed. Examples of possible team decisions may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Active monitoring of the situation
    • Gathering additional information to more accurately assess the possible threat
    • Adopting a plan to respond to the situation and monitoring implementation
    • Referring individuals to appropriate campus offices
    • Referring individuals to the legal system for evaluation of behavior for criminal action


The TAM Team is composed of those who are likely to receive or become aware of information regarding threats to security and safety, who have knowledge of appropriate means of assessing and evaluating information, and who have access to resources necessary to mitigate risks. Members include the following college personnel and their contact information:

  • Dean Fauquier Campus — (540) 351-1516
  • Associate Dean of Academic Support and Retention — (540) 868-7132
  • Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services (chair) – (540) 868-7129
  • Chief of Police – (540) 868-7050
  • Provost, Fauquier— (540) 351-1514
  • Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs (vice-chair) — (540) 868-7268
  • Director of Advising and Student Support — (540) 868-0799
  • Human Resources Director — (540) 868-7226
  • Title IX Coordinator — (540) 869-0623
  • Manager of Luray-Page County Center — (540) 843-0722
  • Lead Counselor, Fauquier Campus – (540) 351-1517
  • Office of Student Activities, Fauquier Campus – (540) 351-1567