Student Support Team


The mission of the Student Support Team is to 1) assist students whose behavior may present a harm to self, more than others; 2) assist students facing issues like anxiety, depression and/or struggle with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues; substance abuse and domestic violence 3) provide referrals to students, faculty and staff to campus and/or community resources. 


The goals of the Student Support Team are to:

  • Provide a referral system for members of the Laurel Ridge community to refer students of concern.
  • Gather input from multiple sources, providing more comprehensive data for analysis.
  • Assess potential disruption, potential for self-harm and referral to helpful resources utilizing a specific, objective process for evaluation and intervention.
  • Minimize or eliminate disruption to the teaching-learning process, the community and college operations through early intervention and support.


The Student Support Team (SST) utilizes a protocol to ensure that concerning student behavior, mental health issues or incidents are addressed appropriately. When a referral is submitted through the See Something Say Something online form, SST team members receive the report. The SST convenes immediately to assess the situation and develop an appropriate response for emergency and non-emergency situations through its meeting. 

In order to assess the situation and take the appropriate action these steps may include:

  • The SST team will meet and discuss the incident
  • Additional information may be collected
  • The appropriate  tool is utilized to assess level of distress
  • Appropriate intervention is determined and action is taken
  • Feedback is provided (when appropriate and in keeping with federal and state laws)

If you have an immediate emergency, such as: A suicide threat, homicidal or threatening behavior, self-injury needing immediate medical attention, severe impairment due to drugs or alcohol, highly erratic or unusual behavior that indicates very unpredictable behavior and/or an inability to care for themselves please first, dial 911.  Next contact campus police at: 868-SAFE (7233) for the Middletown campus and Luray/Page County Center or 540-351-1555 at the Fauquier campus or in person at the Campus Police Desk.

Dial 911 AND contact Campus Police: