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Holland Robinson


She’s not an attorney yet, but 2015 graduate Holland Robinson makes a good case for attending Laurel Ridge.

“Laurel Ridge was a smart choice because of the cost savings, but also because it was close to home,” the Clarke County High School graduate says. “I thought the transition from high school to college would be a lot easier with my being able to have my support system at home. It also got my feet on the ground and prepared me for a four-year university afterwards.”

Robinson earned her associate degree in paralegal studies from Laurel Ridge, and recently graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in political science, concentrating on pre-law and minoring in psychology. This fall, she will attend the University of Baltimore School of Law.

While a student at Shepherd University and still today, Robinson has been working at the Law Office of Lorena R. Smalls P.C. in Winchester – the practice where she had done an internship as part of Laurel Ridge’s paralegal program.

“I would like to ultimately work for the state and with prosecutors, maybe focusing more on juvenile law,” she says.

Robinson describes the education she received at Laurel Ridge as “phenomenal.”

“The time management skills I learned at Lord Fairfax made me successful when I went on to a bigger university, instead of being thrown into that university setting right away and feeling overwhelmed,” she says.

Robinson praises the professors she had at Laurel Ridge, especially Lisa Lambert, Carrie Hodges, Dale Durrer and Marcie Finnell.

“Those three ladies still play a huge role in my life,” she says. “They stay up-to-date with me.”

Finnell, Durrer and Hodges wrote recommendations for Robinson’s law school applications.

“They really care about me and my future success, even outside the classroom,” she says.

Laurel Ridge is a wonderful option for those looking to further their education, according to Robinson.

“If they’re worried about the next transition from high school to college, I would encourage them to definitely check Laurel Ridge out, and listen to others’ success stories because I think it really is a wonderful choice,” she says.

Laurel Ridge Community College was known as Lord Fairfax Community College until June 2022. For consistency purposes, the college will be referenced as Laurel Ridge going forward.