New Student Summer Series

All sessions will be offered “live” at the date and time listed, but they will also be recorded and posted here afterwards for anyone who is unable to attend a session they are interested in.

For information about any sessions, please email [email protected].


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#1: Get Involved! Making the Most of your Laurel Ridge Experience


Session Hosts: Chris Lambert, Coordinator of Student Life & Engagement & Angela Schroeder, Student Activities & Recreation Specialist

Session Description: Make the most out of your time at Laurel Ridge Community College! Learn what amazing opportunities Laurel Ridge has to offer and about the lasting impact it can have on your life. It’s about building your leadership skills and making the most of your time here!

#2: Stress Less at Laurel Ridge


Session Hosts: Amber Foltz, Dean of Students

Session Description: Managing stress, conquering test anxiety, and taking care of our mental health and wellness are essential to a successful college experience. Join the session to learn and practice techniques that help mitigate our body’s response to stressors and explore free resources, for example, yoga, meditation, health coaching, mental healthy counseling, psychiatry, and more.

#3: JumpStart to Success: Connecting with your Professors and Classmates


Session Hosts: Naomi Simpson, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Session Description: Building connections and relationships with your professors and classmates is critical to your success and engagement in college. Further, according to a recent workplace report by LinkedIn, Communications is the number 1 skill gap across major cities in the United States. From practicing your interpersonal skills through peer collaboration to refining the way you communicate with your professors, putting in the effort to be engaged student (online or on-campus) will pay off in more ways than one. In this session, find out what effective communication means at the college-level, discover how it differs from everyday communication you have with your friends and family, and get expert advice for staying connected while you attend Laurel Ridge Community College.

#4: Career Exploration and the Job Search Process


Session Hosts: Sarah Pangle, Academic Advisor & Career Services Specialist

Session Description: Learn what Career Services has to offer you when you’re planning your current job search or future career; we can even help you land scholarship interviews!

#5: Back to School, Back to Basics


Session Hosts: Sonya Foor, Academic Success Coordinator

Session Description: There are so many things to think about when heading “back to school.” It can be unnerving…whether it’s after a short summer or after several years out of the classroom. In this presentation, we’ll get “back to basics” and talk about the essential technology and resources you’ll need as a student.

#6: Setting Yourself Up for Success


Session Hosts: Julie Fainter, Success Coach

Session Description: The current ‘you’ does not create your next level of success. If you want to crush the fall semester, attend this session to learn some new strategies you can implement right away. We’ll talk about how to access resources to meet your needs, how to pre-plan your week so you never miss an assignment, and how getting disciplined and productive can reduce your stress.

Additional information and links: Setting yourself up for success

#7: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action at Laurel Ridge


Session Hosts: Andrew Gyurisin, Development Officer & Kerry Kilpatrick, Librarian & Tajmarie Rowe, Academic Advisor

Session Description: Join a panel discussion with representatives from our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council to learn more about DEI initiatives at Laurel Ridge Community College and how you can get involved!

#8: Welcome Student Panel Q&A

Tuesday, August 9 @ 6pm-7pm

Zoom link:


Session Hosts: Chris Lambert, Coordinator of Student Life & Engagement & Angela Schroeder, Student Activities & Recreation Specialist

Session Panelists: Athena Binibini, Student Life Work Study and SGA President & Other Student Leaders (TBD)

Session Description: Hear from current students as we prepare for the fall semester and another great year at Laurel Ridge Community College! Featuring current Student Ambassadors, Student Government officers and other student leaders.

The Office of Student Life & Engagement strives to ensure opportunities for all Laurel Ridge students. We do not discriminate based on age, race, gender, ability, or sexual identity. If special accommodations are needed, please contact [email protected] one week prior to the event date.