Veterans Week

Celebrating and Honoring our Veterans

The Office of Veterans Affairs and Student Life & Engagement will celebrate our Veterans this November 2022! Check back for updates to our Veterans Week programming!

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Messages were shared to honor our Veterans, family and friends of Veterans, and branches of the military. All messages are posted below.

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As my husband served in the Marine Corps and my daughter presently serves in the Navy, I am proud and happy to honor our student service members, both active and veteran. Thank you for all you do and have done!

– Wendy Lyman


To be willing to risk your life for any cause is an amazingly selfless commitment — particularly when it is for the benefit to preserve the liberty and freedom of millions of people who are blessed to live in this republic. You are appreciated — thank you!

– Melissa Ann DeDomenico-Payne


Thank you for your service to our country. I appreciate the sacrifice that you and your family have made for me and mine. God bless you!

– Phyllis Armel


I want to thank all of our veterans for the sacrifices made while putting their lives in harms’ way to protect the freedom that we enjoy! I’d especially like to thank my maternal grandfather, Lt. Col. Robert P. O’Keefe, for his years of dedicated service in the Army and serving during WW II, my paternal grandfather, Col. J.W. Gephart, Sr. for his years of dedicated service in the Army and serving during the Vietnam War, and Eugene Barb for his years of dedicated service in the Army and serving two tours in Vietnam. God bless you all for your service and bravery!!

– Christine Myrtle


Thank you to Professor Austin, Officer Higgins, and to all other Laurel Ridge veterans for protecting our country. Nothing I can write here could ever thank you enough, but you are all in my prayers.

– Margaret Beasley


There are many ways in which our society may fall short in appreciating Veterans, from the most basic standpoint of addressing needs such as shelter and medical care to absorbing into the national consciousness the full gravity of voluntarily exposing one’s self to the horrors of war. Yet this week is a time to acknowledge that and to make a promise to overcome this, and to follow through with it-starting today. All of you have given your lives to something bigger than yourselves. You have overcome massive physical and psychological stress, and have gone through moments of the highest elation and the deepest disappointments alike as war does what it will. And for that, I thank all of you.

– Julia Hart


I am proud to be one of the Laurel Ridge Veteran Academic Advisors. Thank you to all of the student veterans for your service to this country. I am privileged to hear many of your stories and experiences and to be part of your educational goals.

– Jeanmarie Corrado


Thank you to all Veterans for your service and bravery! You can never be thanked enough. Happy Veterans Day!

– Amber Mitchell