Student ID

A Student ID card is a student’s official college identification.

Obtaining Your Student ID

Students can apply for an ID card with Campus Police at either the Middletown Campus (540-868-7114) or the Fauquier Campus (540-351-1550).

Student ID Cards will be processed at the Police Desk located near the Welcome Center entrance at both the Middletown and Fauquier Campuses.

Required Documentation

All applicants must present

  • Student ID#
  • Copy of current class schedule
  • Another form of identification – driver’s license, passport, military/government ID, or any two of the following (birth certificate, social security card, voter registration card)


Students are issued their first student identification card at no cost.

Guidelines and Rules

All credit students are required to have an ID card.

Students should have only one valid ID card in their possession, and it should be the one most recently issued by the college.

Students cannot transfer their ID cards to another person.

Students must return their ID cards if asked to do so by appropriate college staff.

College staff may ask you to return your ID card in the following situations:

  • When there is an indication that an ID card is invalid. This ID card will be forwarded to Campus Police and not returned to the student.
  • At any event or location, when a student presents an ID card that does not match his or her appearance and cannot produce another form of picture identification to confirm his or her identity. Student disciplinary action may also be initiated in this situation.

The owner and/or the holder of an ID card may be subject to up to disciplinary action for:

  • lending a student ID card to anyone
  • failing to present a student ID card when it is requested by a college official
  • possessing more than one student ID
  • attempting to use a student ID card that has been reported lost or stolen

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If an ID card is stolen, students must file a theft report with Campus Police and apply for a new card.

If an ID card is damaged and unusable, return the damaged card to Campus Police and apply for a new card.

Replacement ID cards will invalidate the old cards, which cannot be re-validated.