Strategic Plan


President’s Engage 2027 Strategic Plan Message

In 2020, the College celebrated its 50th anniversary. Part of our year-long celebration focused on looking back with pride at the many accomplishments of our students, employees, and alumni. A larger part was a call to action for our internal and external communities to dream about what this College should look like in our next 50 years. These dreams have helped shape our new strategic plan.

We were unsure how much our college community could dream during the midst of a global pandemic surrounded by so much uncertainty. However, just like when the pandemic hit, everyone rose to the challenge and blew us away with their enthusiasm and engagement. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members, business and industry partners, and members of the larger community attended virtual workshops, focus groups and brainstorming sessions; completed surveys; and contributed long hours drafting, editing, and further refining the content of this plan. From this process, ENGAGE 2027 was born.

As part of this plan, we are re-committing ourselves to building a more diverse and inclusive college that welcomes every student, ensures every student succeeds, supports our faculty and staff, and leaves a strong, enduring imprint on our communities. You can see this commitment in Laurel Ridge’s first Student Impact Statement. We pledge to always deliver an engaging, transformational college experience to our students, which not only changes their lives, but strengthens our local communities, our state, and our world.

The Strategic Plan for Laurel Ridge

Endorsed by the Laurel Ridge College Board on November 4, 2021, the ENGAGE 2027 Strategic Plan will be introduced to the College on November 22, 2021.


This strategic plan – developed with input from students, faculty, staff, and community members during the 2020-21 academic year – will guide us through the next six years.  It is aligned with the recently developed VCCS strategic plan, Opportunity 2027, which promises that our colleges will “achieve equity in access, learning outcomes, and success for students from every race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic group.”  Our strategic plan rests on a foundation of four frameworks Inviting, Inclusive, Inspiring, and Impactful – and outlines a set of eight objectives that will help ensure we make a positive impact with individuals, families, and the communities we serve.  The final plan, with measurable outcomes, will be presented for endorsement in November.

The Student Impact Statement

Our student impact statement declares our commitment to deliver an inviting, inclusive, inspiring, and impactful experience to every student.

Laurel Ridge commits to delivering a transformational student experience characterized by:

  • An inviting campus that offers a welcoming, engaging, and enjoyable college experience
  • An inclusive community that provides an affordable, relevant education and the services, resources and opportunities students need, without exception; and draws people, services, and knowledge together with the singular focus of addressing students’ fundamental needs
  • An inspiring and exciting education that is facilitated by talented faculty and results in career and transfer opportunities that enable students to thrive
  • An impactful experience in a vibrant, connected college community that enriches the learning experience, delivers relentless encouragement, and builds life-long connections

Faculty and staff of Laurel Ridge commit to support this transformative experience through:

  • Accessible, guided, intuitive services that support all students and their families without exception
  • Efficient and effective processes supported by contemporary technologies
  • Data and predictive analytics that enable Laurel Ridge to deliver personalized, proactive, and responsive programs and services
  • An agile, supportive, and rewarding workplace culture that recognizes the importance of training and professional development to build knowledge, skills, and abilities.