Parents – Let Us Help You

A Video Message from President Kimberly Blosser

Transfer Agreements

Have your son or daughter finish the associates degree – and then transfer to a Virginia college or university using one of our many Guaranteed Admissions Agreements (aka: if you meet the criteria outlined in the agreement – you are guaranteed admission).

Affordable Tuition

Tuition and Fees are 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of a four-year college or university. Full-time students will pay only $2,000-2,400 this fall semester for tuition and fees.

Credential and Fast-Track Training Programs

Want to start working? Have your son or daughter enroll in one of our short-term training programs. Whether your son or daughter wants to be a phlebotomist, a dental assistant, a truck driver, or something else, look at the many options available for short-term, workforce ready programs.

Parents, contact us with your questions!

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