HESI ZOOM Instructions

ZOOM is a webcam communication system that every VCCS student has available to them. Accounts for students are already set-up through VCCS. Students are required to have a working webcam and audio device. Many modern laptops are already equipped with a webcam.

Students may use either the same device as they are taking their exam on or a different device. 

If using a phone as a secondary device, the zoom application can be found for different devices below or by searching for “Zoom” on your phone’s application store.

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zoom-cloud-meetings/id546505307

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings&hl=en_US

If using the same device or a secondary device such as a tablet, ZOOM can be accessed by following the instructions given below. You can use the browser for the meeting or you can download the application to your desktop. 

How to access ZOOM through your VCCS account:

  1. Go to laurelridge.edu and select “MYLaurel Ridge” in the upper right.
  2. Log in to your VCCS account.
  3. You should see an application button for “ZOOM” listed there. You are already logged in as soon as you click the button.
  4. Logging in to ZOOM can also be done using your vccs account through the website itself. If you go to https://www.zoom.us/

Please note that you do not need to be signed in to the zoom application to access the LPN-RN Exam meetings. The link that you will be sent is configured to allow anyone with the link into the exam and the link to the meeting is only sent upon payment. 

To test if you are able to use Zoom on your device, please visit https://vccs.zoom.us/test

You may have to select an “open application” choice depending on your browser’s configuration.