Resources for Military Students

Veteran Benefits Information


The Educational Foundation scholarships have been established by generous individuals and organizations in our community who believe in our students and want to help them achieve the dream of a college education or workforce credential.

Veterans Emergency Assistance Funds

The Veteran Emergency Assistance Funds are designed to address exceptional financial hardship faced by Veteran students caused by recent unexpected life events that could affect their continuing education. Examples of emergency situations are: house fire, unanticipated medical issues, homelessness, unanticipated marital separation, and job loss.

Veterans Emergency Book Loan

The Veteran’s Emergency Book Loan was established in 2010 by Jim Shannon an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology.  These funds are an interest free loan; therefore the recipient is expected to pay back the loan after the financial hardship has passed so funds are available to assist other Veterans.

The fund allows students who are Veterans to apply for monies to address exceptional financial hardship that could affect their ability to purchase textbooks for their classes.  Examples of emergency types are: delay in Veteran’s benefits, house fire, medical issues and assistance to students left homeless.