Virginia National Guard

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Benefit Information

How to Apply / Use Benefits

  1. Apply: VANG reimbursement request by VANG deadline. Student must also submit promissory note, Bursar’s statement and W9 by VANG document package 1 deadline.

Semester:                               Application opens:                Submission Deadline:

Spring September 15th November 1st
Summer February 15th April 1st
Fall May 15th July 1st


2.  Submit Laurel Ridge VA certification request form

3.  Send official transcripts

4.  Make an appointment with

  • Veteran Academic Advisor, Jeanmarie Corrado
  • Military Benefits Official, Sharon Painter

5.  Enroll in courses required for education plan

6.  Pay all tuition and fees. VANG is now a reimbursement assistance program. Student must self-fund tuition or utilize financial aid

7.  Complete and pass course.  VANG will not reimburse for any course with grade listed as failed, incomplete or withdrawn

8.  Submit final grades and itemized financial statement with complete tuition cost, fees and payment by deadline or within 30 days of semester completion.

Financial Information

  • Student is responsible for all tuition, fees and books
  • Students are requested to obtain funding or pay full balance prior to the start of term
  • VANG reimbursement will not be awarded for any course with grade listed as failed, incomplete or withdrawn
  • Cannot be used at the same time as Federal Tuition Assistance, such as ARMY TA
  • Can be used at the same time as Chapter 1606
  • Students using VANG can also use financial aid (FAFSA)


Laurel Ridge Veterans Services