Middletown Campus

Middletown Campus Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 7am-11pm | Sat: 7am-5pm | Sun: 7am-5pm

Please note: these are general operating hours for college buildings. Various departments and services have their own hours of operation.
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Welcome Center Hours
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Business Office Hours
Mon-Th: 7:30am-4:30pm | Fri 8am-4pm

Financial Aid Hours
Mon-Th: 8am-5pm or Online Support

Dual Enrollment Hours
Th: 8am-7pm | Fri: 8am-12pm

Advising Office Hours
Mon & Th: 8am-7pm | Tu & Wed: 8am-5pm | Fri: 8am-4pm

Enrollment Services Hours
Mon-Th: 10am-7pm

Student Support Office Hours
Mon-Th: 8am-5pm | Fri: 8am-4pm