Makerspace at Laurel Ridge Community College

Located in the state-of-the-art Eleanor C. and William A. Hazel Hall on the Fauquier Campus

student and teacher in makerspace

The makerspace is designed to spark creativity, inspire innovation and foster entrepreneurship among Laurel Ridge students. Here, engineering students can prepare for their future careers as they design, debug and test systems, whether they be hardware, software or electronics. Gaining such hands-on experience and problem-solving skills will make our students more marketable to employers and four-year universities alike. There will also be opportunities for non-engineering students to take advantage of this wonderful asset. The makerspace features the latest technology – 3D printers, programmable microcontrollers, soldering irons, oscilloscopes, hand tools, raw building materials, a laser cutter, and circuit development and testing equipment.

Supervised Open Hours

The makerspace is open to all Laurel Ridge students, faculty and staff presenting valid IDs for projects approved by the engineering department and during supervised open hours. Student makers and/or an engineering faculty member will be available to help students with approved projects. These supervised open hours are posted at the Makerspace and are also available by contacting [email protected].

Regularly Scheduled Workshops

The makerspace will have regularly scheduled workshops for students, faculty, and staff, and will also be available for community workshops and other opportunities; details about these events will be posted in the coming months. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Basic Safety Rules

The wellbeing of all participants and equipment is paramount. Below are the basic safety rules for all entering the space. Additional safety rules will be required for specific equipment.

  • No open food or drink.
  • Closed-toed shoes required at all times.
  • Equipment use by approved personnel only.
  • Safety glasses must be worn if any power tools or rotary equipment are in use.
  • Immediately report any accidents or injuries to the supervisor on duty. Call Campus Police or 911 in an emergency.

Student Maker Requirements and Expectations

Our student makerspace assistants have completed special training and demonstrated proficiency using specific equipment. They are available to guide and assist other students in the use of makerspace tools and equipment.

  • Join the elite team of makers who work on exciting projects to inspire others and enhance the Laurel Ridge Community College makerspace.
  • All makers are required to complete certification workshops.
  • Our makers receive special training and become experts in specific equipment.
  • Makers must be able to provide at least two hours a week to work on projects and assist other makers.

Contact [email protected] for information on how to become a student maker.