Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute is our middle-tiered leadership program for current and emerging managers/supervisors who want to grow and challenge their leadership and operational skills through team-based, interactive collaboration. As a participant, you will be part of a cohort of new leaders from the business community. In this cohort you will develop and grow your understanding and application of leadership skills, taking a deep dive into several relevant competency-based leadership topics. Action plans will be developed to implement within your organization. This advanced training program will be a year-long series of once-a-month classes ending with a graduation presentation upon completion. Tuition will include all class materials and lunch. To learn more visit https://laurelridgeworkforce.com/corporate-training/training-and-consulting-solutions/leadership-institute/.

Tuition and Funding Options

Financial Assistance, Grant Funding and Sallie Mae Loans may be available for eligible students.

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Laurel Ridge subscribes to EMSI and provides this link for general career information. Emsi’s products and services use data, reports, and forecasts which are generated using government data sources and proprietary analytical processes.

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