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This Career Studies Certificate is designed for those who seek employment in the field of cloud computing as well as for those who are currently in the technology field and wish to increase their knowledge and/or update their skills. Cloud computing – which delivers vast data capacity to organizations of all sizes without requiring on-site servers – is considered one of the biggest growth areas in technology today.

Career Studies Certificate
1 Year (2 Full-Time Semesters)

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Whether from home or from the office, businesses increasingly rely on relatively new technology known as “The Cloud”— a $100 Billion Industry!

Gain valuable tools for understanding how the cloud works and its impact on businesses through Laurel Ridge’s 1-year Cloud Computing Career Studies Certificate. Students who are just starting their career or those that seek a new focus in an existing technology-based career will benefit for one or more courses in this new program.

Top three cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Microsoft Azure

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ec-council partnerOur partnership offers cost-effective, authorized learning resources for enrolled technology students to properly prepare them for EC-Council exams and ultimately their careers after graduation. Students will have the opportunity to achieve industry recognized certifications and compete in free cyber competitions as they complete their degree programs, achieving the ultimate stackable credential lineup to enhance their resume.

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