Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA logoOur Mission: The purpose of the SGA shall be to: encourage communication between students, faculty, and administrators; promote and coordinate Laurel Ridge Clubs & Organizations and activities that promote a wide range of interests; encourage and develop students as effective members of the College and community; encourage school spirit; and act as the official voice of the student body. All students are members of the SGA and are invited to participate in any and all events hosted by the SGA. Student Government officers facilitate activities for students to feel heard and to get responses to their questions.

Benefits of Participating in SGA: Students gain significant leadership skills that are transferable to their future goals. Participation in SGA has led to scholarship, internship, and career opportunities at Laurel Ridge and beyond!



Rae headshotRae Spangler, Co-President

Program of Study: General Studies

“My biggest focus is bringing sustainable meal options to campus. I would also love to increase club activity/membership by advertising all of our clubs. Another idea I had was to create safe spaces across all campuses for students in need. My main goal for SGA this year is to provide a welcoming and nourishing environment for students across all campuses.”

Brandi headshotBrandi Yasem, Co-President

Program of Study: Science

“I’m excited to work with the SGA team this year; we have a lot planned and are working on promoting an environment built for the needs of students. One of our ideas is to create free hygiene stations around campus for all students to access. My goals for SGA are to engage students in college life, speak on behalf of the student body, and ensure everyone feels welcomed and a part of something!”

Nick headshotNicholas Tselides, Vice President

Program of Study: General Studies 

“As VP of the SGA, I would like to focus on fostering greater student life interaction at our campuses and helping to create a more vibrant and enduring extracurricular scene for students to thrive in.”

Yoselin headshotYoselin Viera Sanchez, Secretary

Program of Study: Cyber Security

“My goal as an officer is to promote physical and mental well-being in our college. I want other students to feel that Laurel Ridge is a safe place to be. I want to encourage more students to join our clubs and get involved in our activities and events.”

Alexandra headshotAlexandra Martinez, Treasurer

Program of Study: General Studies

“My goals are to increase student engagement, enhance campus diversity, advocate for students’ rights and welfare, and collaborate with other student organizations. By doing so, we are promoting a sense of unity and collaborative action towards shared goals and interests.”

headshotBing Morgan, Senator (Public Relations)

Program of Study: Science/Agriculture

“I like seeing small, local projects, and would like to help facilitate those for quality of life changes for our students and the community.”



College-Wide Staff Advisor: Chris Lambert, [email protected]




The officer team meets weekly. Open meetings occur once monthly on a chosen Tuesday from 2pm-3pm via Zoom:

View the full Spring 2024 meeting schedule here.


Suggestions or Comments for the SGA?

suggestion boxThe suggestion box is here for students to voice their comments or concerns to the Student Government Association. We can take your comments to the college to make improvements or give kudos to processes and employees that are making a difference in your educational journey.