Student Government Association (SGA)

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SGA logoOur Mission: The purpose of the SGA shall be to: encourage communication between students, faculty, and administrators; promote and coordinate Laurel Ridge Clubs & Organizations and activities that promote a wide range of interests; encourage and develop students as effective members of the College and community; encourage school spirit; and act as the official voice of the student body. All students are members of the SGA and are invited to participate in any and all events hosted by the SGA. Student Government officers facilitate activities for students to feel heard and to get responses to their questions.

Benefits of Participating in SGA: Students gain significant leadership skills that are transferable to their future goals. Participation in SGA has led to scholarship, internship, and career opportunities at Laurel Ridge and beyond!



Rossy Carranza, President

Program of Study: Health Sciences

“My goal for SGA is to create an environment where every student can voice their opinion and be heard. I also plan on making fun events where students can learn and make the most out of their time being a student at Laurel Ridge.”

Spencer Lombardo, Co-Vice President

Program of Study: General Studies

“One of the beautiful things about Laurel Ridge Community College is that it shares its services with several rural communities throughout Virginia. As someone who attends the Warrenton campus, I intend to use my roughly 2 years of grassroots leadership experience to ensure that EVERY campus within our student body is equally represented in a fiscally responsible fashion.”

Charles Arvie, Co-Vice President

Program of Study: Computer Science, AI/ML & Robotic & Automation certificates

“I’d like to explore the possibility of adding RFID to our student IDs, to serve a more functional purpose other than just identification.”

Avery Hammond, Secretary

Program of Study: Early Childhood Development

“A goal of mine is to bring the college community together and make sure everybody has a voice that is heard.”

John Redden, Public Relations

Program of Study: Nursing

“My main objective for the SGA is to foster greater student engagement and establish a channel for their voices to contribute to the advancement of our college.”

Bing Morgan, Senator

Program of Study: Science/Agriculture

“My goal right now is to take advantage of some underutilized common spaces on campus, and to support my peers in their projects.



College-Wide Staff Advisor: Chris Lambert, [email protected]




The officer team meets once monthly and hosts open sessions once monthly on a chosen Thursday from 4pm-5pm via Zoom:

View the full Fall 2024 meeting schedule here.


Suggestions or Comments for the SGA?

suggestion boxThe suggestion box is here for students to voice their comments or concerns to the Student Government Association. We can take your comments to the college to make improvements or give kudos to processes and employees that are making a difference in your educational journey.