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One semester of general education classes, or an entire associate degree before attending a four-year college.

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What is the Passport?

Passport – One semester of general education classes

Are you planning to attend a 4-year school but want to start college closer to home? Passport courses may be just what you are looking for! One semester here = one semester at any of our transfer partners!

The Passport is a 16-credit hour community college program in which all courses are transferable and will satisfy a lower-division general education requirement at any public institution of higher education in Virginia.

Passport Course Roster:

Students are recommended to select one course from each Block of courses.

1) Block I: English

  • ENG 111 – College Composition I*

2) Block II: Humanities

  • ART 101 – History and Appreciation of Art I
  • ART 102 – History and Appreciation of Art II
  • HIS 111 – History of World Civilization I
  • HIS 112 – History of World Civilization II
  • HIS 121 – United States History I
  • HIS 122 – United States History II

3) Block III: Social Science

  • ECO 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PLS 135 – American National Politics
  • PLS 211 – US Government I (available via Dual Enrollment only)
  • PSY 200 – Principles of Psychology

4) Block IV: Lab Science

  • BIO 101 – General Biology I
  • CHM 101 – Introductory Chemistry I
  • CHM 111 – General Chemistry I

5) Block V: Math

A. Quantitative/Statistics Pathway:

  • MTH 154 – Quantitative Reasoning**
  • MTH 155 – Statistical Reasoning

B. Calculus Pathway:

  • MTH 161/162 – PreCalculus I/ PreCalculus II***
  • MTH 167 – PreCalculus with Trigonometry***
  • MTH 245 – Statistics I
  • MTH 261 – Applied Calculus I
  • MTH 263/264 – Calculus I/Calculus II

* JMU does not accept ENG 111 toward satisfaction of general education requirements. W&M does not have a college-wide general education composition requirement. ENG 111 will not count toward satisfaction of general education requirements but students will receive generalized credit for the course.

** CNU does not accept MTH 154 toward satisfaction of general education requirements.

*** MTH 161/162 and 167 should only be taken by students preparing for calculus or for four-year degree programs that require study in College Algebra/PreCalc. Precalculus may not satisfy general education and may not receive transfer credit.