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I know where I’m going…. How will I get there?   How do I get experience?


Internships are generally initiated by students. There are two types of internships: experienced-based and academic. The internship should contribute to the success of the employer and allow you to gain significant on-the-job learning experience.

Some internship opportunities are paid; some can be arranged to include academic elective credit when successfully completed.      

Experience-based internships (to build a résumé or portfolio) require you to locate an employer willing to offer an internship for a designated period of time and in a designated role.

Academic internships for credit are the same as those for experience-based internships, plus the following:

  • The academic internship must provide 45 contact hours at the internship for each hour of credit
  • Involve an academically challenging project that is approved and monitored by your advisor in a related class
  • Complete a journal of all activities performed
  • Represent the College appropriately at the internship site
  • Pay related tuition and fees for the College credits involved

An Laurel Ridge internship coordinator oversees all internship activities.

Employers interested in offering internship opportunities may contact Career Services at (540) 868-7110.

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