Application to the College for Dual Enrollment Students

Admission requirements are different from course registration requirements.  All students must have qualifying test scores to be admitted to the college.  Students must then also meet course pre-requisites in order to enroll into specific classes.

Print your completed application and keep in your portfolio.  You do not need to submit your signed application to the college. 

Save your acceptance letter to the college in your portfolio when you receive it in the mail.  You may need this when applying to four-year schools.

Students are to take responsibility for their college education and be the ones who complete the application for admission to the college.


Personal Information

  • LEGAL NAME this must be the full legal name that appears on your driver’s license or birth certificate.  No nick name or shortened versions on your name.
  • CAREER select “CREDIT”
  • The correct semester.  If your class(es) begin in :
    • August/September – Fall semester
    • January/February – Spring semester
    • May/June/July – Summer semester
  • Select “Laurel Ridge Community College”
  • Select the campus closest to you:
    • Middletown campus:
      • Clarke County
      • Frederick County
      • Harrisonburg City
      • Page County
      • Rockingham County
      • Shenandoah County
      • Warren County
      • Winchester City
    • Fauquier campus:
      • Fauquier County
      • Rappahannock County
      • Culpeper County
  • BIRTHDAY must be correct and complete
  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is strongly encouraged. This is how colleges know who you are.  Social Security numbers are not visible in any office of the college but make it possible for a student’s information to be located in the system.

Address Information

  • Follow the directions for each box
  • Use your correct, complete address

Educational Goals

  • Public/private high school students choose “Dual Enrollment (041)”
  • Home school students choose “Dual Enrollment (042)”

In-State Tuition

DOMICILE (Who claims you on taxes, i.e., parents, legal guardian, etc.) – Complete this section based upon who you live with. 

  • This section determines your tuition costs.  If you have questions concerning this section please see your high school career coach or contact the High School Outreach office at (540) 868-7210.