Alumni Profiles

Richards headshot

Earning an associate degree in information systems technology from Laurel Ridge Community College helped Joshua Richards get into a fulfilling career.

Foltz with diploma

2016 Laurel Ridge Community College gradaute Amy Foltz transferred to Virginia Tech after earning her associate degree in liberal arts. She is a professional writer with an engineering firm and contracts with NASA.

Trujillo on welcoming new students

Laurel Ridge Community College graduate Edwin Trujillo has found himself a valuable employee of the college. He has put his associate degree and certifications to great use.

student at the air force

U.S. Air Force Academy cadet Elayna Caron credits Laurel Ridge Community College with helping her succeed at military academy.

Image of Williams in front of colorful wall

2023 Laurel Ridge Community College Distinguished Alumni Award winner Sarah Bell Williams has overcome significant obstacles to reach her academic and professional goals.

two people standing by helicopter

Laurel Ridge Community College paramedic program graduate Kathleen Wilcox now teaches for the college.

Andy Bacik

After spending time as a truck driver, Andy Bacik decided to attend Laurel Ridge Community College to study nursing in honor of his brother who was first diagnosed with cancer as a teenager.

Mackenzie Hoover with books

Within months of her graduation from Laurel Ridge Community College with her associate degree in nursing, Mackenzie Hoover earned her bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.

Kristin Klutz

2010 Laurel Ridge Community College nursing graduate Kristin Klutz is thrilled to once again be connected to the college’s nursing program. The Valley Health Nurse Residency program coordinator said the college’s nursing graduates are highly valued by the health system.

Chad Godfrey pictured with President Kim Blosser

2021 Laurel Ridge Community College graduate Chad Godfrey was a leader of his nursing class and is continuing to thrive after earning his bachelor’s degree and serving a nurse residency at Fauquier Hospital.

Carolyn at Laurel Ridge

Carolyn Trent was the first person to go through Laurel Ridge Community College’s registered nursing to paramedic bridge program.

Image of Kayleigh Baylor with her daughter

Kayleigh Baylor says earning her degree in medical lab technology (MLT) at Laurel Ridge Community College was “life changing.” Now, she is working full time and training future MLTs.