Academic Honesty Pledge

The collegiate experience depends on the absolute integrity of the work completed by each student and it is imperative that students maintain a high standard of honor in their course work. Academic honesty is essential to develop students’ full intellectual potential and self-esteem. Academic dishonesty involves, but is not limited to, one of the following: giving or receiving, offering or soliciting unauthorized assistance on any exam or assignment; plagiarism or collusion.

Procedures in Cases of Academic Dishonesty

Communication of the Charge of Academic Dishonesty to the Student

  1. If a faculty member suspects a student of academic dishonesty and has gained evidence through any combination of firsthand observation, written or electronic information, and/or other verifiable sources, the faculty member shall make every reasonable effort to discuss this suspicion and the reasons privately with the student involved. If more than one student is involved, the faculty member must discuss the situation with each student individually. ‚Reasonable effort to discuss‛ is defined as communication in person, by email, and/or by telephone.
  2. After the discussion, if the faculty member remains convinced that the student is guilty of academic dishonesty, the faculty member may impose one or more of the following penalties depending on the faculty member’s judgment as to the seriousness of the offense and consistent with the faculty member’s syllabus:
    • Reprimand the student.
    • Require that the work in question be done over.
    • Assign a grade of zero on the work involved.
    • Assign a grade of F for the course.

Follow the guidelines set forth in the handbooks for individual cohort programs (e.g. the nursing program calls for dismissal from the program).

  1. The faculty member must keep any documentation and evidence of the violation for reference in case of an appeal.
  2. The student charged with academic dishonesty should be allowed to continue class, in the event the student appeals the penalty that the faculty member imposes (unless the student is a risk to the safety and security of Laurel Ridge Community College).