Complete 2021 – A Six Year Strategic Plan for Virginia’s Community Colleges

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Virginia’s community colleges serve an estimated 400,000 people across the state. The opportunities we provide include some of the most cutting-edge and highly-demanded training and education available. 

But, simply accessing those opportunities is no longer enough. You have to earn a credential to make it count toward a career. 

Over the next ten years, Virginia will need to fill 1.5 million jobs. The majority of these jobs will require a postsecondary credential – an associate’s degree and the certifications and licensures that are our bread-and-butter.

To accommodate the demand for these middle-skill-level jobs (more than a high school degree but less than a bachelor’s), Virginia’s Community Colleges are embarking on a new six-year strategic plan to triple the number of credentials that our students earn by the year 2021.