Enhance Your Career: Enroll in Workplace Wellness Series 

diverse group of workers

Recently, Jodi Navin, a corporate training instructional designer appeared on The River 95.3’s radio show to discuss Laurel Ridge Community College Workforce Solutions’ Workplace Wellness that starts Sept. 13. 

Jodi described the five core concepts that the participants will learn while taking the classes:  

  • Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace 
  • The Golden Rule and Respect 
  • Developing Positive Relationships in the Workplace 
  • Resilience  
  • Balancing Priorities  

Jodi also elaborated on how this course is beneficial for employees of all levels, from managers and supervisors, to newer employees developing leadership skills. This series offers insights that are useful in improving an organization’s overall workplace. During the conversation, Jodi also explained multiple scenarios that will be covered in the classes and can be applied to real world scenarios. 

On Aug. 10, Workforce Solutions hosted a Workplace Wellness webinar that gave an overview of upcoming series. The replay can be viewed on YouTube. Learn more and find registration details at laurelridgeworkforce.com.  

Listen to this podcast episode: