Laurel Ridge IT guru printing face shields to help health workers


The son of a nurse, Laurel Ridge IT specialist Arash Rohanimanesh is eager to use his technological skills to help those in the healthcare field battling coronavirus.

That’s why he has been creating face shields using the two 3D printers he owns. Rohanimanesh uses the printers for a side business he has creating robots.

“The printers are great for prototyping and making custom brackets for friends and clients,” he said. “I also make toys for my little one.”

Rohanimanesh began creating the full face shields using a design he found online about two weeks ago, and hasn’t stopped.

“My nurse friends said face shields are something they would love to have,” he said. “Ever since I began, the 3D printer has been literally working all day and night.”

After Rohanimanesh posted what he was doing on Facebook, demand grew. Besides his friends, he has been printing shields for Fauquier Hospital and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

For now, Rohanimanesh has been mostly paying for the materials out of his own pocket. It takes about $60 worth of materials to make 100 masks.

“It would be awesome if some people could donate and help the nurses and doctors and everyone else in the health field,” he said.

Of course, Rohanimanesh’s technical skills are especially helpful now that Laurel Ridge – like nearly every other college in the U.S. – has moved all of its learning to online and alternate methods.

Besides supervising the installation, maintenance and upgrading of any classroom support technologies at the Fauquier Campus, he is experienced in integrating video teleconference equipment, such as Zoom.

Anyone interested in ordering masks or making a donation, can contact Rohanimanesh at [email protected].