Virtual Concerts

Check out the talent at Laurel Ridge!

If you would like to perform at one of our virtual concerts, contact us at [email protected]. Whether you play an instrument or sing, we are always looking for talented individuals who want to perform as part of our program!

Featured soon: Butch Austin, Laurel Ridge faculty

Previous Concerts

Isaac Stroupe

About Isaac: Isaac, a Page County native, has n entertaining people for years with his nostalgic piano playing of the 1950’s. He is in his second year at Laurel Ridge and plans to transfer to UVA to study law and politics to become your President one day.


Laura Allen

About Laura: Laura is a first year student at Laurel Ridge, has been playing piano since third grade, and singing all her life. Since quarantine, she has even dabbled in songwriting. Next, she will be auditioning to be part of her church’s worship team as keyboardist and plans to transfer after Laurel Ridge to a 4-year university for elementary education.

Julie Sabo

About Julie: Julie is the TRIO Writing Specialist at Laurel Ridge and a professional flutist. She has performed in professional orchestras, international tours, and on movie soundtracks. She loves to share music with everyone. Look for her pop-up performances on the walking mall in downtown Winchester!